Poisonous inedible mushrooms photo, name and description for children and adults

This section of our catalog presents a list of toxic mushrooms. Each species in the composition stores a unique poisonous substance that can bring significant damage to human health. Sometimes, the use of these mushrooms ends in death.

These mushrooms are found in areas where any mushroom pickered can wander. In order not to confuse them with edible views, it is recommended to carefully study their appearance, range and seasonality. Therefore, you can familiarize yourself with their description and photos in this section.

Mushroom collecting an interesting and fascinating hobby. But beginners in such a craft can make fatal mistakes, because many poisonous mushrooms are similar to edible views.

Classes of poisonous mushrooms

Each toxic mushroom belongs to one of three classes:

  1. Causing food poisoning.
  2. Causing violations of the functionality of the central nervous system.
  3. Causing death.

About 5 thousand types of mushrooms grow in Europe. At the same time, toxic, approximately 150. And only a few representatives are able to lead to death. The most poisonous mushroom is a pale executive, which gets married to deciduous plantations and a rich soil composition. In other words, it is found in places where mushroom pickers often hunt for edible mushrooms.

The pig is thin

Gall mushroom

Death cap

The row is poisonous

Satanian mushroom

Sulfuric-yellow false paved

The champignon is yellowskinned

Galder is brown-yellow

Galerina is bordered

Borovik is wonderful

The row is pointed

The line is ordinary

Maira raw

Belovoy talker

Anterome fly agaric

The dialect is inverted

The umbrella is scaly

The myzena is clean

A row is spotty

Other inedible mushrooms

Borovik Le Gal

Pautinnik plush

Row Tiger

Purple Board (Borovik Purple)

LeoTi is poisonous

The fly agaric is white

The dialect is palecolored

Endoloma is poisonous

Ramaria is beautiful

Pig Olkhovaya

Goebeloma sticky (Valui false)

Autumn line

The fly agaric is nobility

Pautinnik Koziy

Pilcuta lepiot

The champignon is flat

The umbrella is chestnut

Umbrella Morgan

Patuyara fiber

Lepiote is witty

The cobweb is lightly coniferous

The dialect is available

The web is beautiful

The flywoman is royal

Omfalotus is oil

The champignon is motley

Coronial stanfaria

Galerina swamp

The web is lazy

Goebeloma is inaccessible

Galerina Mokhovaya

Earth fiber

The leptonia is grayhaired 

The fiber is similar

Binenogaya myzene

Anthopper is porphyre

Lepiot is swollen

Fiber fiber

The cobweb is stepsy

The fiber is torn

 The cobweb is blood-red

The fly agaric is bright yellow

The fiber is onion

Gigropybe is conical

Goebeloma is angular

The false pusher is longlegged

Pautinnik Pavlin

Lepiota Brebisson

Gomfus scaly

Gyroporus is sandy

Mitsena is pink

Entoloma collected

The fiber is cracked

Falseladder Mokhova

Netstony is smelly

Thyroid entolom

The dialect is whitish

Red fly agaric


The overwhelming amount of varieties is included in the composition of hemolysins that harm blood flow. Nevertheless, the poison may contain toxins that go into a state of decomposition under the influence of high temperatures. These species cannot be called exclusively poisonous, as they are suitable for consumption after heat treatment. Also, some species are safe for representatives of the fauna, which are not averse to enjoying mushrooms.

Many species suggest the presence of distinctive features that signal their danger. However, the most dangerous representatives of the species can have a completely harmless appearance and are often taken by inexperienced mushroom pickers for edible.

The most dangerous species are described here such as the Satanic mushroom, which is largely similar to boobs and oak-sulfur lodges and sulfur-legged-it is easy to confuse it with some edible mushrooms. Eating them will lead to serious disturbances in the digestive tract, nausea and other consequences.

Deadly dangerous mushrooms in use act slowly. But when the irreversible stages within the organs come, a person will experience the strongest pain syndrome, and after death occurs.

Most mushrooms have doubles, so before collecting them it is necessary to study the features that will identify mushrooms and weed out harmful from edible.

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