Poisonous nightshazers | List of grassy nightshade

Plants of the Paslenov family include many species of both edible crops and wild poisonous herbs.

The first can be attributed to all of their taste of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, physalis, etc. The composition of others includes special substances alkaloids that can cause severe poisoning and even lead to death if their dose is too high. However, toxic plants can benefit. They are successfully used in pharmaceuticals for the manufacture of drugs and various additives. In folk medicine, decoctions and tinctures are used based on them.


Beauty is a kind of wild shrubs up to one and a half meters high. She has a lignified trunk, oblong leaves and powerful roots. The beauty blooms with purple flowers in the form of bells, and the fruits are black berries of a round shape. But you can’t eat them. Only a few berries are able to kill even a strong healthy person.

Wolf berry

Wolf berry shrub up to 2 meters high with oval elongated leaves. Other names of his: wolf bast, wolf cub, wolf ivy. Plant flowers resemble lilac inflorescences, and its berries have a bright red color. You can’t eat them in any case. It is also not recommended to touch the plant and even inhale its smell, t.to. there is a risk of skin burns and upper respiratory tract.

Blane is black

Black Black is a twoyear shrub, reaching a height of 115 cm. It has an unpleasant odor and sticky surface with a fluff. The flowers are yellow-purple, and the fruits are boxes with a large number of seeds (up to 500 pieces). The plant is completely poisonous. When orally used, in addition to obvious signs of poisoning, causes hallucinations.


Mandragora is a perennial porcelain plant, which is a rosette of leaves. The diameter of the outlet can be 1-2 m or more. The root of the mandragorhora branches in the process of growth so that it becomes like a human figure. The flowers of this plant are purple, blue or white-green.

Mandragora has psychotropic properties. Skopolamin is able to cause hallucinations.


Tobacco-elaborator-herbaceous plant with straight shoots from 20 to 90 cm, narrow leaves and flowers similar to funnels. Their color can be red, white, pink, yellow, etc. The flowers are revealed after sunset, while their smell becomes much stronger.

In the roots of this plant, an alkaloid called nicotine is synthesized. In the future, he accumulates in the foliage. Dry leaves contain 0.3-5 % nicotine.


Belladonna is a typical representative of the genus “Beauty” of the Paslenov family. All plants of the plant contain alkaloids of the atropine group. Atropine poisoning can cause mental disorders expressed by a change in consciousness, a violation of perception and thinking.

Belladonna grows mainly in the wet forests of Western Ukraine, Crimea, Caucasus, Europe, North Africa.

The dope is smelly

The life cycle of plants is one year. A dope can grow up to 1.5 m in height. This herbaceous plant has straight stems, ovoid leaves with gear edges. The funnelshaped white dope flowers are very odorous, exude a strong and heavy smell. The fetus is a box with sash, in which there are about 5 g of seeds.

The dope is extremely poisonous due to the high content of tropanium alkaloids.

Claintous clock

Black is rot a shrub with a straight stem growing in height up to 110 cm. The nightshade blooms with small white flowers collected in inflorescences of 3-8 pieces. Flowering ends with the appearance of black fruits-berries. In an immature state, they contain a poisonous solarine. Also, they and other parts of the plant contain saponins that have an irritating effect on the mucous membranes.

Sweet-hot nightshade

This type of nightshade is a perennial shrub with a height of 30 to 180 cm. It gives fruits in the form of red sweet berries, with a bitter taste. Hence the name.

Poisonous solanine is contained in the roots, stems, leaves, fruits and seeds. Sweet-mountain nightshade is used as an insecticidal agent for the production of drugs and for decorative purposes.

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