Poisonous spiders of the world photo and description | TOP of the most poisonous spiders

Individuals of spiders, as we know them, 400 million appeared. years ago. Now, there are over 40 thousand. species, among which there are especially dangerous creatures. The spider distribution range is very wide. There are even species living in water.

Brazilian sold-spider

Brazilian spider-salt-deadly predator. The spider is also called Bananov thanks to inexplicable love for these fruits. This is a nomadic spider it does not create a web nests. Often visits people’s dwellings. It can be found in South America. A soldier’s poison is toxic and can kill a child or physically weak person for half an hour.


Spider-Perelnik-inhabitant of the eastern part of the United States. It differs in the color of the brown shade, has a dangerous poison that can cause skin necrosis at the cellular level. Nevertheless, he lives next to people, weaves a web without a drawing among firewood, in basement and attic rooms, in garages. Often comes to people in homes and hides among clothes, linen, shoes and under skirting boards.

Sydney funnel spider

Sydney funnel spider is also called leukopautin. It is considered one of the most dangerous for humans. Instant bite, it can cause a fatal outcome in a child within 15 minutes. The poison contains a toxin that causes damage to the nervous system. It is noteworthy that this toxin harms exclusively to people and monkeys.

Mouse spider

The mouse spider received its names because of the ability to dig holes for himself, as small rodents do. So far, only 11 species have been identified, the bulk of which lives in Australia, and one of them on the territory of Chile. Spiders prefer to attack insects and spidershaped. The poison is quite dangerous for large mammals, including humans, while the spiders themselves often become a goal for toxic creatures.

Sixeyed sand spider

Sixeyed sand spider the most dangerous in the world. Lives in the south of America and Africa, hiding under the sandy cover. Prefers not to face people, but if possible will apply a deadly bite. Used to attack with lightning speed, outgoing the victim by surprise. Occupies an honorable place among the five dangerous spidershaped in the world. Toxin affects vascular tissues, causing damage. This leads to internal bleeding. There is no antidote.

Black Widow

The most common poisonous spider in the world. It is found everywhere. Poison is incredibly dangerous for children, elderly and sick people. Males can be lifethreatening and life only during mating, unlike female individuals that are poisonous and aggressive all year round. Many people died from the poison of a black widow. Human dwellings are a favorite habitat. The spider poison spreads blood through the body, leading to severe muscle cramps that cause unbearable pain. Having survived a bite, a person can receive disability and risk of seizures in the future.


Karakurt is also called the steppe widow. In many ways, the spider looks like a black widow, but of larger individuals. Tries to avoid contacts with people, for no good reason does not attack. The poison is toxic and harmful. After infection with toxin, there is a burning pain that can last up to 20 minutes. In a better situation, the victim can feel nausea for some time, but a fatal outcome is also found.


Tarantula belongs to the family of spiders-wolves. Feed on insects and small rodents. Deadly cases among people from his poison are not recorded, while it is very dangerous for large species of mammals.

Hiericantium or yellowbearing spider

Hiericantium or yellowbearing spider tries not to contact people. They have a very shy character that makes the insect play constant hide and seek among the leaves. Southern species of spiders keep one of the most dangerous toxins for humans. After a bite, abscesses form on the skin, which heal for a very long time.

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