Pollution of rivers with waste sources, causes and consequences

River pollution has been happening for more than two thousand years. And if people did not notice this problem before, today it has reached a global scale. It is difficult to say whether there are rivers with more or less clean water left on the planet, suitable for use without prior purification.

Sources of river pollution

The main reason for river pollution is the active growth and development of socio-economic life on the banks of water bodies. It was first established in 1954 that contaminated water was the cause of human disease. Then a source of bad water was found, which caused a cholera epidemic in London. In general, there are a large number of sources of pollution. Let’s take a look at the most significant of them:

  • domestic waste water from populated cities;
  • agochemistry and pesticides;
  • powders and cleaning products;
  • household waste and garbage;
  • industrial waste water;
  • chemical compounds;
  • oil spill.
  • Consequences of river pollution

    All of the above sources significantly change the chemical composition of water, reduce the amount of oxygen. Depending on various pollution, the amount of algae in the rivers increases, which in turn displace animals and fish. This causes changes in the location of fish populations and other river dwellers, but many species simply die.

    Dirty river water is poorly cleaned before it enters the water pipelines. It is used as drinking. As a result, cases of people getting sick because they drank unpurified water are on the rise. Regular consumption of polluted water contributes to the emergence of some infectious and chronic diseases. Sometimes some people may not know that the cause of health problems is dirty water.

    Purification of water in rivers

    If the problem of river pollution is left as it is, then many water bodies may cease to self-purify and exist. Purification measures should be carried out at the state level in many countries, installing various purification systems, conducting special measures for water purification. However, you can protect your life and health by drinking only clean water. For this, many people use purifying filters. The main thing that each of us can do is not to throw garbage into the rivers and help save the ecosystems of water bodies, use less cleaning products and washing powders. It should be remembered that the centers of life originated in the river basins, therefore, it is necessary to contribute in every possible way to the prosperity of this life.

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