Pollution of the lithosphere sources, consequences and solutions

Anthropogenic activity affects the biosphere as a whole. Significant pollution is on the lithosphere. The soil received a negative impact. It loses its fertility and collapses, minerals are washed out and the earth becomes unsuitable for the growth of various plant species.

Sources of pollution of the lithosphere

The main pollution exerted on the soil is as follows:

  • chemical pollution;
  • radioactive elements;
  • agrochemistry, pesticides and mineral fertilizers;
  • garbage and household waste;
  • acids and aerosols;
  • combustion products;
  • oil products;
  • abundant watering of the earth;
  • waterlogging of the soil.
  • Deforestation does a lot of damage to the soil. Trees hold the land, protecting it from wind and water erosion, as well as from various impacts. If forests are cut down, the entire ecosystem dies, right down to the soil. In place of the forest, deserts and semi-deserts will soon form, which in itself is a global environmental problem. At the moment, territories with a total area of ​​​​more than one billion hectares have undergone desertification. The condition of soils in deserts is deteriorating significantly, fertility is disappearing and the ability to recover. The fact is that desertification is the result of anthropogenic influence, therefore this process occurs with the participation of man.

    Lithosphere pollution control

    If measures are not taken to eliminate the sources of pollution of the earth, then the whole land will turn into several huge deserts, and life will become impossible. First of all, it is necessary to control the flow of harmful substances into the soil and reduce their amount. To do this, each enterprise must regulate its activities and neutralize harmful substances. It is important to coordinate waste processing plants, warehouses, landfills and landfills.

    Periodically, it is necessary to carry out sanitary and chemical monitoring of the land of a particular area in order to detect the danger in advance. In addition, it is necessary to develop innovative harmless technologies in various sectors of the economy in order to reduce the level of pollution of the lithosphere. Garbage and waste need a better way of disposal and recycling, which is currently in an unsatisfactory state.

    As soon as the problems of land pollution are solved, the main sources are eliminated, the land will be able to self-purify and recover, it will become suitable for flora and fauna.

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