Poppies: luxurious decoration of the personal plot

A few years ago, poppies decorated almost any flowerbed. Silky flowers of scarlet color could not but cause admiration for passersby. However, today, exquisite and bewitching plants are almost not seen in the gardens of summer residents, for example, for the illegal growing of sleeping pills, Article 106-2 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses, administrative liability is provided for. Fulfillment from 18 to 100 nontaxable minimum income of citizens. However, the family of poppies is huge, there are decorative varieties you can buy poppy seeds on the Agrolife website.ua. All these varieties can be used to decorate the garden.

Poppies grassy plants belonging to the family of poppy. Are perennials, one- and biennial. In nature, there are more than 100 species, most of which can be found in our country.

What varieties of poppy can not be planted

The number of safe varieties exceeds those for which liability is provided. Forbidden varieties can be easily determined by the seed box. If it is large, then the crops must be destroyed, if tiny no problems will arise. Three varieties are prohibited for landing:

  • Oriental,
  • hypnotic,
  • Scheminic.
  • What poppy can be grown on a personal plot

    The safest from the point of view of the law and at the same time beautiful and attractive varieties are:

  • Samoseka,
  • peacock,
  • Hedding.
  • Poppies look good in tandem in other wildflowers cornflowers, chamomiles, etc. Highlight a larger lawn under the sowing, so the composition will look especially spectacular. Plants love sunlight, undemanding to the soil. The transplant is not carried out, so the plants should be propagated only by seeds. Poppies are coldresistant, and perennials are also winterhardy, so in the early spring you can already sow seeds in open ground. Some varieties are recommended by subzyrient sowing.

    The care is required by the minimum there will be enough loosening, weeding, watering in arid periods. The stagnation of moisture is contraindicated. The fertilizers of the plant are favorably referred to feed them with organic and mineral top dressing. And in response, luxurious magnificent buds and a rich foliage will delight you.

    The collection of seeds should be done when the foliage has already wound and turned yellow, and the box has completely dried up. At this point, small holes should open between it and the hat, and the seeds become dark gray, almost black.

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