Predators of the desert Africa and Asia photo and description

The word “desert” for many is associated with an empty sandy space in which any living creature is practically absent. However, the dunes of any desert hide a huge number of various species of animals, including predators.

Of course, not all representatives of the fauna can survive in a hot desert. That is why the permanent inhabitants there are only certain species. They are able to regulate their own body temperature and calmly tolerate the absence of moisture. Most desert predators are night animals. During the day they prefer to hide in the shade and between cool stones.


Velvet cat


Lust (dressing)

Gray Varan



Arizonian pool


African vulture

Whiteheaded SIP

Golden eagle

Desert raven


Predators living in deserts include a huge number of individuals. Moreover, these are not only representatives of a detachment of mammals, but also reptiles, birds.

Throughout life in the deserts, predators are puzzled not only by searching for food, but also by a comfortable existence in these conditions. During the day, sand can heat up to extreme temperatures and represent a redhot field. In order not to die from overheating and dehydration, you need to hide in the holes and look for other cool places. At night the temperature may drop sharply. This significantly complicates the hunt and makes you act very quickly in order to preserve the body’s resources at the proper level.

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