Problems of environmental insurance

Environmental insurance involves legal environmental protection, where there is an increased risk in connection with the action of any industrial facility. For example, it may be the danger of an explosion of an enterprise, pollution of water, air, earth. The purpose of this procedure is, in the event of a threat, the most complete compensation for the environment that was harmed.

Types of environmental insurance

In general, environmental insurance can be voluntary or mandatory. The types of insurance are as follows:

  • personal for the population;
  • property for ordinary people;
  • environmental responsibility carried out by various enterprises and organizations.
  • The need for environmental insurance

    In today’s world, environmental insurance is a must. It contributes to the creation of special monetary funds, which will later be used. If there is control over many objects, then in the event of accidents and various disasters, the damage caused to the environment will be paid in the amount of fines. This is important for two things:

  • there will always be financial resources to cover the damage;
  • insurance will increase the responsibility of companies for their activities.
  • The main problem of environmental insurance is that at the moment very few enterprises use it, and a huge number of natural objects are endangered. Thus, active industrial centers and areas of increased economic activity remain without control and insurance. In this case, the consequences of pollution and various incidents will be eliminated by the state.

    Another problem is that many areas of the planet are already affected by economic development and many natural objects need to be restored. And due to the fact that the responsibility for the deed is not tied to anyone, there is no one to improve the state of the environment.

    This problem of environmental insurance should be addressed at the legislative level. This will ensure environmental safety, insure both the population and natural objects against major disasters. In addition, this system allows you to use finance to restore the environment. In order for this insurance to operate effectively, it is also necessary to train personnel who deal with environmental insurance.

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