Protection and use of the hydrosphere in brief presentation

The hydrosphere includes all the water resources of the Earth:

  • World Ocean;
  • The groundwater;
  • swamps;
  • rivers;
  • lakes;
  • seas;
  • reservoirs;
  • glaciers;
  • atmospheric vapor.
  • All these resources are conditionally inexhaustible benefits of the planet, but anthropogenic activities can significantly worsen the state of water. For the hydrosphere, a global problem is the pollution of all water areas. The aquatic environment is polluted with oil products and agricultural fertilizers, industrial and municipal solid waste, heavy metals and chemical compounds, radioactive waste and biological organisms, warm, municipal and industrial effluents.

    Water purification

    In order to save water resources on the planet and not worsen the quality of water, it is required to protect the hydrosphere. To do this, it is necessary to rationally use resources and carry out water purification. Depending on the treatment methods, you can get drinking or process water. In the first case, it is purified from chemicals, mechanical impurities and microorganisms. In the second case, it is necessary to remove only harmful impurities and those substances that cannot be used in the area in which process water will be used.

    There are many ways to purify water. In different countries, various methods of purifying water are used. Today, mechanical, biological and chemical methods of water treatment are relevant. Also applied are oxidation and reduction treatment, aerobic and anaerobic methods, sludge treatment, etc.d. The most promising purification methods are physicochemical and biochemical water purification, but they are expensive, therefore they are not used everywhere.

    Closed water circulation cycles

    Closed water circulation cycles are created to protect the hydrospheres, and natural waters are used for this, which are pumped into the system once. After operation, the water is returned to natural conditions, while it is either cleaned or mixed with water from the natural environment. This method allows you to reduce the consumption of water resources to 50 times. In addition, the already used revolutionary water, depending on its temperature, is used as a cooler or coolant.

    Protection and use of the hydrosphere briefly presentation

    Thus, the main measures for the protection of the hydrosphere are its rational use and cleaning. In accordance with the applied technologies, the optimal amount of water resources is calculated. The more economically the water is consumed, the higher its quality in nature.

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