Protection of the natural flora of Eurasia and the Earth

Every year, the plant world, like nature in general, suffers more and more from human activities. Plant areas, especially forests, are shrinking all the time, and territories are being used to build various objects (houses, enterprises). All this leads to changes in various ecosystems and to the disappearance of many species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Because of this, the food chain is disrupted, which contributes to the migration of many animal species, as well as to their extinction. In the future, climate change will follow, because there will no longer be active factors that maintain the state of the environment.

Reasons for the disappearance of flora

There are many reasons why vegetation is destroyed:

  • construction of new settlements and expansion of already built cities;
  • construction of factories, factories and other industrial enterprises;
  • laying roads and pipelines;
  • conducting various communication systems;
  • creation of fields and pastures;
  • mining;
  • creation of reservoirs and dams.
  • All these objects occupy millions of hectares, and earlier this area was covered with trees and grasses. In addition, climate change is also a significant reason for the disappearance of flora.

    The need for conservation

    Since people actively use natural resources, very soon they can deteriorate and be exhausted. Including the plant world may die. To avoid this, nature must be protected. For this purpose, botanical gardens, national parks and reserves are being created. The territory of these objects is protected by the state, all the flora and fauna here is in its original form. Since nature is untouched here, plants have the opportunity to grow and develop normally, increasing their distribution areas.

    One of the most important actions for the protection of the flora is the creation of the Red Book. Such a document exists in every state. It lists all plant species that are disappearing and the authorities of each country must protect this flora, trying to save populations.


    There are many ways to save the plant world on the planet. Of course, each state must protect nature, but first of all it all depends on the people themselves. We ourselves can abandon the destruction of plants, teach our children to love nature, protect each tree and flower from death. People destroy nature, so we all have to correct this mistake, and only by realizing this, we need to make every effort and save the plant world on the planet.

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