Pug Victoria Region (Amazon) a description, a photo where it grows and how much lives

Pug Victoria Region (Amazonskaya) (Lat. Victoria amazonica) is the largest plant germinating on the water. Belongs to the Kuvshinkovka family, Victoria. Recognized by the national achievement of Gayana, is the emblem of this state, and is also considered one of the most popular plants for greenhouses. Has the second name: Victoria Amazonskaya.

Structure and appearance

A jug without any problems can withstand weight up to 50-60 kilograms, due to the features of the structure.

On the back of the leaves of Victoria, you can notice many branches that are similar to the “ribs”. All of them are tightened to the center, from which a long and strong petiole grows, with which the plant is attached to the bottom. It becomes shorter or longer depending on the depth of the river and the course.

Its diameter can reach two or three meters. This feature allows some local residents to use the jug as a single boat to cross the river.

Victoria Flowers of the Regiya blossom one at a time. There are many leaves on them, the number of which often exceeds several dozen. In the open state, the diameter of the flower can reach thirty centimeters. The color is bright and varies from red, to purple or pink. The smell is pleasant.


Victoria Amazonskaya multiplies with the help of seeds, which are very capricious in relation to the environment. So that at least one seed gives a sprout, the water temperature should be at least 30 degrees, but above 32 it cannot be lifted. A decrease in temperature to twentysix degrees Celsius helps to reduce the plant and modify its leaves for the worse. An increase in temperature outside the available maximum, t.e. for 32 degrees, also negatively affects the jug.

The period of ripening of seeds in its duration can last up to two months. In the wild, the plant has been living for more than five years, but in captivity, it will die by three years.

Distribution and habitat

The only places where you can meet this giant of the world of plants is the Amazon River, in honor of which the jug was named, as well as the Gaiana River, which proceeds in South America. In other places does not occur.

Many people have long began to think about raising Victoria at home, but this plant is very moody to air temperature, climate surrounding it, as well as for lighting, which it would be quite problematic to choose yourself.

But still, one enthusiast managed to grow a jug to its maximum size, after which it blossomed. This man was called Joseph Pacston. As he said in the future, the secret was that the plant needs a marshy area, and in winter it needs heated water, without which it will be wilted.

Pests and illnesses

As such, Victoria does not have. The edges of its leaves are bent up, and the lower surface is filled with spikes that protect the plant from any pests that live in water.

Interesting Facts

  • Regia in translation from Latin means “royal”. Amazonskaya received this name not because of its size, which, without a doubt, surprise, but because of the flowers who charm anyone who looks at them. Their bud is revealed in the evening, at about ten to one-eighteen hours. During flowering around the plant, the temperature rises, and the color of the petals changes. Pure white color is already replaced by dark purple, and after bright pink, which tourists especially admire.
  • In Brazil, which is considered the birthplace of Victoria, there is even a fairy tale of the birth of this magic flower.
  • One part of the name was deciphered, but why the jug called Victoria? The answer is quite simple. In some historical period of England, the Rules of Queen Victoria, who was famous for her extraterrestrial beauty, capable of falling on the spot of any man. That is why, when the scientists saw the flowers of this plant, they immediately occurred to the association with the queen.
  • Unfortunately, Regia blooms very shortly, mainly for about two to three days, which is why not everyone succeeds in looking at it. But even for such a short period of time, she manages to impress all eyewitnesses with her beauty.
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