Pure mycel photo and description of the mushroom, how you look and where it grows

Mitsena is clean (lat. Mycena pura) is an inedible mushroom that belongs to the Mitsenovy family, the mental of myzen. It is not used for food and has hallucinogenic properties, which is facilitated by the abundant amount of muscarin in the composition of the pulp. The psyche does not cause any special responses, but the psychotropic effect is still highlighted, although not as bright as other hallucinogenic fungi. It is poisonous, but not fatal, and it will be difficult to poison, because it distinguishes an unpleasant odor that looks like a rotten radish, so it is unlikely that anyone will eat it, even by mistake. Some individuals used the myssa to feel hallucinations, but instead they received diarrhea and diarrhea.


The size of the hat is pretty modest, it reaches five centimeters on the diameter, but this is rare. In shape, it is hemispherical, but over time it begins to straighten and becomes conical, the edges are wide open and bend upward. By color, the hat has a grayish shade with impurities of brown. The leg, in turn, has a cylindrical shape. Quite often you can find a twisted leg, which is facilitated by a cavity inside. The length of the legs is not particularly large, basically it does not exceed ten centimeters. Of the distinctive features, one can distinguish the fact that it is very thin, you can say elegant. The color spectrum is the same as a hat, but a little lighter below. The pulp is very soft to the touch, which is due to a large amount of moisture inside. In the context, it distinguishes a plentiful amount of transparent fluid, in the smell is similar to radish.

Where it grows

A certain habitat at the my face is not highlighted, since it is met in almost any region, which is located in moderate climatic zones. Fruiting begins in the summer and lasts about six months, until the first cold weather. Some countries of Europe, for example, France, Latvia, Denmark and Norway, brought this mushroom in their Red Book, because they believe that representatives of this species have a great chance to take the brink of extinction. The Red Book of Eurasia is not listed.


They are not advised to eat for food, since the disgusting smell should immediately alarm and warn of a possible danger. Contains muscarin, causing hallucinations, but their level is quite weak, so the effect with other drugs does not make sense to compare. Some “smart” teenagers or even adults try to make drugs from mytsens, but they do not succeed, and instead of glitches, diarrhea with diarrhea comes to them.

Similar views

Some kind of mushrooms do not fully exist in a pure myps, but from the main ones you can distinguish representatives of the same family: the pink myssa, which looks the same, but at the same time pink, and the blue mild, much smaller mushroom with blue leg. The rest of the species, in turn, do not have a full similarity, since the family of the Mytsenovs itself is filled with a variety of mushrooms, each of which has its own characteristics that are not found in others.

Mitsena is pink

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