Quail photo and description of the bird, behavior, breeding

Quail these are small birds, close relatives of pheasants and partridges. They have a characteristic shape a small squat body and long pointed wings. About 20 different species live in nature, 70 domesticated types of quail are contained as agricultural poultry.


The body of the bird decorates feathers in blue, black, brown, cream or white strip. The quails have long and strong legs of brown. The lower parts of the bodies are painted in warm, bright orange color. The beaks of quails:

  • short;
  • curved;
  • thick;
  • Black.
  • The body length of the quail is 10-20 cm, a bird weighs from 70 to 140 g, wingspan-32-35 cm. The quails have long pointed wings, but birds fly at short distances.

    Various types of quails are different in color, size and environment. Some quails have a crest on the head, which has the shape of a tear.

    Habitat and quail diet

    The quail lives:

  • in wooded areas;
  • in the fields and in open spaces covered with shrubs;
  • in meadows;
  • On agricultural land.
  • Birds are endemic for Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and America. Wild species of Japanese quails live in Eurasia, East Asia and Africa.

    Birds live in the same area all their lives, most species do not migrate. Quails do not rise to trees or shrubs.

    The quail is omnivorous, but 95% of the diet consists of plant substances, birds eat:

  • Seeds of grass;
  • berries;
  • leaves;
  • roots;
  • worms;
  • insects such as grasshoppers.
  • Quail behavior in nature

    Depending on the species, the quail is active day or night. They clean feathers to get rid of pests, bathing in dust. Quail lonely birds, but they also spend time in pairs.

    During the marriage or winter season, flocks are formed.

    Which of the predators hunts for quails

    Due to the size of the birds and the vulnerability of the eggs, many predators enjoy the quails, this is:

  • snakes;
  • raccoons;
  • foxes;
  • proteins;
  • coyots;
  • Skunas;
  • hawks;
  • dogs;
  • cats;
  • owls;
  • rats;
  • caresses.
  • People are the main predators who kill the most quails.

    Faced with predators, quail:

  • They run away and hide.
  • fly over short distances;
  • freeze motionless.
  • Some types of quails have heel spurs, they use these bone structures against predators.

    The quail is difficult to notice in the grass thanks to camouflage plumage.

    How birds communicate with each other

    The quails make tall, grumbling and giggling sounds, reproduce them rhythmically and harmoniously.

    How quails give offspring and take care of the nest

    The nests are located on the ground, preferably in open areas, grain fields with wheat, corn and meadows.

    When the quails are 2 months old, they are ready for marriage relations. The female lays from 1 to 12 eggs, usually 6, depends on the type. Quail eggs are painted in bright colors. Chicks hatch after about 3 weeks.

    In most types of quails, the chicks are developed, leave the nest and follow parents immediately after hatching.

    How long the quail lives

    Wild species live from 3 to 5 years.

    Quail in home and agriculture

    In some parts of the world they contain quails as a home or agricultural poultry for meat and dietary eggs. A quail is the smallest farmer bird, weighs only 100 g. 80% of all commercially grown quails are diluted in China.

    The EU grows 100 million quails per year. About 1.4 billion quails are grown in the world in just a year in the world.

    Quails lay eggs when they are about 7 weeks. Chickens are scored at 8 months of age. Quails grown for the sake of meat are clogged at 5 weeks.

    Breeding quails

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