Ragamaffin: Description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, care rules and content petstory

Ragamaffin: Description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, care rules and content


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    28–33 cm
  • The weight:
    5-10 kg
  • Age:
    on average up to 16 years
  • Brief information

  • Very flexible, delicate and calm cats;
  • Adore when the owner and other members of the family pay attention to them;
  • Quite smart;
  • Friendly.
  • Character

    Ragamaffin is an interesting breed in which the best features of courtyard and purebred cats were mixed, moreover, it inherited the soft character of her main ancestor Ragdollah. She got the name from the English word Ragamuffin ragged, tramp. The Association of Ragdollov breeders was formed in the middle of the 20th century, since then its members have followed the clear instructions of the standard of this breed. However, in the 90s, some breeders decided to separate from the main club in order to expand the palette of Ragollah’s colors and improve its quality. Persian and Himalayan cats, as well as courtyard representatives of the family with medium and long wool, participated in crossing.

    Despite its name, Ragamaffin is a home and very calm cat that is not inclined to aggressive behavior and dominance. Representatives of the breed are very affectionate, they are happy to sit in their arms and let themselves be ironed at any time.

    Ragamaffin: Description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, care rules and content petstory

    The ragamaffins are attentive to all family members, they are not intrusive, but quietly follow a person wherever he goes. Such devotion has the opposite side these cats do not tolerate loneliness well. At the same time, they get along well with other pets, so the owners may not be afraid for Ragamaffin’s mental health, if he has a friend. It is important that the pets match the temperament and level of activity.

    Ragamuffins are equally good at both adults and children. They react to inaccurate actions calmly they hide, not attack. However, small family members and guests should warn in advance about the need to carefully treat a living being. Otherwise, the pet can become shy and unfriendly to strangers and children.


    Ragamuffins have a characteristic thick and moderately long wool. It must be combed out at least once a week, but the frequency is completely dependent on the characteristics of each pet. During spring and autumn molting, this procedure should be carried out more often.

    Ragamaffin wool is not inclined to confuse, but still washing these cats with a special shampoo for long wool. The frequency of bathing also depends on the appearance of the animal, the state of the environment, stressful situations and participation in exhibitions. On average, wash representatives of this breed at least three times a year, when such a need arises. Several times a week, hygienic cleansing of the eyes and teeth should be carried out.

    Ragamaffin: Description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, care rules and content petstory

    Ragamaffin is distinguished by excellent health. However, the owners should not forget about a balanced diet for their cats and an annual examination by a veterinarian (especially for elderly pets). For lush wool and strong physique, it can be difficult to notice changes in the weight of Ragamaffin, but this must be controlled. Representatives of this breed love to eat and skillfully know how to persuade the owner to give them everything they want.

    Conditions of detention

    Ragamaffin does not belong to miniature breeds, this is a rather large cat, which can be crowded in a small apartment. She needs a place where she can walk, stretch, jump and rest. It is important that the house has a claw. Many owners note that the ragamaffins are quickly accustomed to a leash, so you can walk with them.

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