Rakshshaped birds photos and names | The family of rocketlike

All birds of this species have a bright and colorful plumage of predominantly yellow shades with interspersed of red, sky blue, red, black and brown. Birds are small in size and prefer to live in a soft climate. The wet tropical zone is ideal for them. Those species that are found in Eurasia are migratory birds and leave these territories with the onset of cold weather. Rakshshaped birds are a monogamous look and choose a partner for themselves once. Birds settle in large colonies, laying up to ten eggs of an elongated shape at a time.

The family is winter

These are small birds with a variegated plumage that stand out with a large beak. Depending on the diet, the beak may differ in appearance, but always remains powerful enough to cope with prey. Only one species of wintering houses live in Europe, and in Eurasia there are as many as four. These birds prefer to settle near water bodies or in forests, depending on the main type of food.

Ordinary wintering

Redbearing Zimoprodok

Pegs Zimoprodok

Schurka family

Birds of this species have an elongated slender body and have a high flight speed. They have a rather dense plumage of bright coloring. The beak, like the body, also has an elongated shape. The main diet of their nutrition is various insects, which birds catch on the fly. High flight speed allows them to catch even the smallest and most agile prey.

Golden pitch

Night punch

Family ground raksha

Ground rakshas prefer a tropical climate and prefer to live on the territory of the island of Madagascar. Most of the time birds are spent on the ground, digging with sharp claws of insects and worms made of soft soil. Raksha nesting in special burrows, which are dug up with rare skill. The body length of some species can reach even half a meter.

Shortlegged earthen raksha

Scaly earthen raksha

Earthen Raksha-Atelanis

Longtailed earthen raksha

The family of the sizovoron

Small birds with fairly strong wings and very sharp vision. The basis of their nutrition is insects, which birds look out from trees or other hills. Have a bright plumage suitable for tropical vegetation. Have a fairly high flight speed and are able to break the shell of any booty with their sharp beak.

Ordinary sizovoronka


The family of udodov

This family consists of just one species that meets today. Udod is a fairly large bird with a high crest and a long tail. The appearance of the Udoda is quite memorable and it is impossible to confuse it with a different species of birds. Udododi have a long beak, with which they hunt insects, taking them out of the holes or simply looking for them in the grass.

Udod Paradise


The appearance of these birds indicates their tropical origin. They are rarely found on the territory of Eurasia and are therefore a welcome object for studying many researchers. Photographers of many wellknown publications are taking entire expeditions to capture these rare bird creatures on the film. In order to meet these birds, you need to choose the right time. They arrive in early April and leave the country with the first signs of cold weather. This is usually the beginning or midOctober. Therefore, if you have a desire to get acquainted with rocketlike, it is better to take a vacation in the summer.

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