Raller talus photos of the mushroom and its edibility, how it looks and where it lives

Raller talker is a type of mushroom, looks like a funnel or a glass.

How it looks

The top size ranges from 3 to 7 cm. The recently grown mushroom has a thin hat and soft, growing up, it becomes in the form of a funnel framed by a fuzzy contour. It differs with a smooth dry surface, the color is brown or red. The lower side has grooves, mostly white, which descend from the hat to the leg. The pulp of the mushroom is yellow or white, it tastes difficult to catch. The smell is specific: hay or fruit.

The mushroom leg of the rounded shape, thickens closer to the base, up to 8 cm long. Can be the same color as the hat or lighter. The texture is tougher and more fiber than the top. The base covers the fluff.

The mushroom dispute is smooth, in the form of an ellipse, white.

How it spreads

Seeing a living glass in the forest, you can be sure that you met a real mushroom talker in a funnel. It can be found in the period starting from midsummer, inclusive until September. She grows in a coniferous, deciduous and mixed forest, near the road. It can be found on the plain and on the foothill. Can meet with both a small group and densely populated. As a rule, a mushroom family grows in a clearing, edge, path, not far from the side of the road.

Will grow in a forest litter, receiving food from a living plant carpet.

How to use

Mushrooms of this species are edible. Eating, is possible only after careful thermal preparation. It must be boiled, draining the broth several times, t.to. It is he who contains all toxins, and then eat it for food. They are subject to drying, frying, freezing, picking and pickling. Among all mushrooms, the dialect emits an unusual taste.

Do not cook cream sauce or soup from them, t.to. prolonged heat treatment makes the mushroom a fairly solid.

What benefit and harm carry

Her pulp has many useful elements in its composition, their effect has a positive effect on a person due to the fact that this is:

  • Lowcalorie product that reduces excess weight.
  • Increases metabolic processes, relieves the body of toxins, reduces cholesterol.
  • It has antibacterial properties.
  • Favorably affects the composition of the blood.
  • Affects the rejuvenation of the human body.
  • However, abuse of the product provokes various violations of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to the appearance or exacerbation of pancreatitis.

    How to collect it correctly

    When collecting mushrooms, it is necessary to go into the forest, as far as possible from the tracks, factories, garbage dumps. Mushrooms growing in a place of strong pollution do not bear any benefit, their use is contraindicated. You need to collect only a young mushroom, and bypass the old large.

    How not to confuse with poisonous mushrooms

    Its distinctive feature is the shape of a funnel or glass. An edible mushroom is similar to many poisonous views:

    Galder is brown-yellow. It has the color of yellow-brown, growing up becomes a predetermined cream shade. This poisonous representative highlight the presence of wet brown spots on the plate and hat.

    Galder is brown-yellow

    Whitish dialect is also a poisonous mushroom, white, has the aroma of flour and is very dangerous for humans. Having eaten it for food, a person receives severe poisoning, with severe symptoms, nausea, diarrhea, fever, tachycardia, etc. In this case, hospitalization is shown, t.to. Muscarin, toxin, can even lead to death.

    Belovoy talker

    How to distinguish from edible relatives

    In addition to similar toxic mushrooms, talker can be confused with edible representatives of the species. Namely, confuse with:

  • Winter dialect. Her hat is slightly different, smaller in size, has a convex and slightly pressed shape, smoky or olive-brown.
  • A dialect downstime. It is beige or gray-brown color. Her hat of a convex shape, turning into a funnel, reaches 6 cm. Based on the name, its smell is slightly caught.
  • Giant talus. The name itself says that this is the largest representative of the family. A giant hat grows up to 9-25 cm, white-fierce.
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