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Ramaria is beautiful (lat. Ramaria Formosa) is one of the inedible mushrooms belonging to the Gomfov family, the family of Ramaria. The appearance is significantly different from most mushrooms known to all, since it looks more like a bush of orange than a mushroom. Is poisonous, but not fatal. Of the main side effects, diarrhea, diarrhea and other stomach disorders can be distinguished that will not leave complications, but will spoil a couple of days.


As such, this type does not have a hat and legs, because they merge together, forming peculiar corals or a bush, in which the branches are directed strictly upward. The height can be different, but basically it varies from twenty to twentyfive centimeters, and the width in turn is from five to fifteen. A single color that does not share the “branches” among themselves. Basically, the colors are orange, red or brownish, but the latter appear more to old, sick mushrooms. The pulp does not emit any aroma, but blushes with a strong pressure or section. Disputes and plates are not expressed, because of which there is no information about them. According to the stories of risky people, the tastes of the Ramaria are beautiful bitter, so there is no worth it, especially given the side effects after that. These mushrooms look very impressive, especially when they are located in contrast with green grass. They are more reminiscent of coral reefs than mushroom masonry.

Where it grows

A certain range is not allocated, since this mushroom even the most avid visitors to the forest or scientists confuse with the edible counterpart Ramaria Yellow, which is also called coral. Only when examining under a microscope can you notice some significant differences, and no one will carry a microscope with you, most likely. It is difficult to single out certain countries or places, the only thing that can be said for sure is the preferred habitat deciduous forests.


You won’t get nothing more than diarrhea, constipation, diarrhea and nausea, even if you eat Ramaria without additional heat treatment, but people do not advise doing this, because even it is bitter and most likely you will spit it out. The easiest way will be to find edible Ramaria, which has a lighter shade, and otherwise it is indistinguishable even by a specialist. Not a single lethal case or some complications after consumption was found, so there is no need to be afraid for life, even if you managed to eat a lot of these mushrooms. But despite all this, you should be careful and in the case of poisoning, consult a doctor to wash the abdomen, so that all side effects go faster, and you could be sure that everything is in order with you.

Similar views

Like most other mushrooms, Ramaria is beautiful similar to many representatives of their family yellow and brown hornes. The strongest similarity is noticeable with the mushroom, which is popularly nicknamed the yellow coral this is an edible mushroom, juicy and soft in taste, which lives in the same places where representatives of this species. Of the differences between them, only a lighter, yellowish tint of yellow Ramaria can be distinguished, which is obvious from the name.

Yellow horned

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