Rational use of natural resources problems, protection and measures

There are a lot of natural resources on our planet. These include water bodies and soil, air and minerals, animals and plants. All these benefits people have been using since ancient times. However, today a sharp question has arisen about the rational use of these gifts of nature, since people use them super-intensively. Some resources are on the verge of depletion, need to be restored as soon as possible. In addition, all resources are not distributed equally over the surface of the planet, and in terms of the rate of renewal, there are those that recover quickly, and there are those that require tens or even hundreds of years for this.

Ecological principles of resource use

In the era of not just scientific and technological progress, but in the post-industrial era, environmental protection is of particular importance, since in the course of development people actively influence nature. This leads to overuse of natural resources, pollution of the biosphere and climate change.

Rational use of natural resources problems, protection and measures

In order to preserve the integrity of the biosphere, several conditions are necessary:

  • accounting for the laws of nature;
  • protection and protection of the environment;
  • rational use of resources.
  • The basic ecological principle that all people should follow is that we are just a part of nature, but not its masters. And this means that it is necessary not only to take from nature, but also to give, to restore its resources. For example, due to intensive cutting of trees, millions of kilometers of forests on the planet have been destroyed, so there is an urgent need to make up for the loss and plant trees in the place of cut down forests. It would be useful to improve the ecology of cities with new green spaces.

    Rational use of natural resources problems, protection and measures

    Main actions of rational use of nature

    For those who are not aware of environmental issues, the concept of rational use of resources seems to be a very vague issue. In fact, everything is very simple:

  • it is necessary to reduce their intervention in nature;
  • as little as possible to use natural resources unnecessarily;
  • protect nature from pollution (do not pour pollutants into water and soil, do not litter);
  • abandon cars in favor of environmental transport (bicycles);
  • save water, electricity, gas;
  • abandon disposable devices and goods;
  • benefit society and nature (grow plants, make rational inventions, use ecotechnology).
  • This is the list of recommendations “how to rationally use natural resources” does not end. Each person has the right to decide for himself how he will dispose of natural goods, but modern society calls for frugality and rationality so that we can leave our descendants the natural resources that they will need to live.

    Rational use of natural resources problems, protection and events
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