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Redlegged ibis is also called Japanese. It is an eukaryot. Belongs to the type of chordovs, a detachment of aistlike, family of ibis. Forms a separate look. This is an eccentric bird. With an unusual color and body structure.

Nests are built among highbarreled groves. Put up to 4 eggs, which the steam hatches in shifts. Chicks appear after 28 days. After 40 days, they can already stand on the wing. Young individuals live next to parents until the fall. Then join the packs.


A bird is characterized by a white plumage with a pink tint, which is more intense on the fly and tail feathers. It seems completely pink bird in flight. Legs, and a small area of ​​the head of the red color. There is also no plumage in these areas.

Long black beak ends with a red tip. Yellow eye iris. A small crest of longer spicy feathers forms on the back of the head. In the marriage period, the color acquires a grayish tint.


Not so long ago, the view was numerous. Met mainly in Asia. At the same time, the nests were not built in Korea. In Eurasia, he was widespread in Prokhanay lowland. In Japan and China, they were settled. However, from the Amur, they nevertheless migrated for the winter period.

Now there is no accurate information about the habitat. Sometimes they were seen in the Amur region and Primorye. Also found in the territories of Korea and China. The last pair of birds in Eurasia was discovered in 1990 in the Amur Region. During the period of migration, they appeared in South Primorye, where they carried out winters.

The bird prefers swamps in river valleys. Also found in rice fields and near the lakes. Nights are carried out on branches of trees, climb high. During feeding, often join the cranes.


The diet includes invertebrate inhabitants of the waters, small fish and reptiles. Summing up in small reservoirs. Do not like deep waters, so they hunt at a depth of no more than 15 cm.

Interesting Facts

  1. Redlegged ibis is considered to be a monogamous bird, but there is no reliable information about this feature.
  2. There is a traditional Japanese color called Tohikairo that literally can be translated as “the color of the pen of Japanese ibis”.
  3. Redbearing Ibis is an official symbol of the Japanese region of Niigat, as well as the cities of Vazima and Sado.
  4. The view is considered to be a rare species bordering on extinction. Entered in the Red Book and is a subservible taxa.
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