Red Book Bezoral goat photo and description, where it lives and what it eats

In natural conditions, it is extremely difficult to see an extraair goat. This is due to the fact that at the slightest signs of danger, he immediately runs away to his refuge. That is why he lives in a rocky area where it is easy to hide. It is worth noting that at the time of danger, the length of the goat’s jump is 3 meters. However, these are not all interesting features of the representative of this type.


Bezoar goat is a kindergarten mammal from the family of sex. He is considered the ancestor of home goats. Previously, the animal was considered as a subspecies of the species home goat. The people call it “bearded”. This is due to the external signs of the animal: thick and long beard. Please note that it is characteristic only for males. The females have no beard.

Puberty of puberty reaches 2.5-3 years. During the wedding season, males enter into a fight for females. Pregnancy of female individuals lasts 5 months. She is born only 1 cub. He eats mother’s milk. The goat goes to adult food after reaching 6 months.

For reference: Animals of this species got their name due to the presence of bezoirs in their stomach. They are lumps of undigested food. In ancient times, healers considered Bezoars a unique drug. In addition, they were used as a talisman. The word “noncar” itself is translated from Persian as “antidote”.


By its external signs, the animal resembles ordinary home goats. It has powerful limbs, dense body, long horns, and wide hooves. It also has a tail, the length of which is 15 cm, while the dimensions of the body itself reach 1.5 m. On average, a goat weighs 75 kg.

The color of the wool depends on the time of the year. In winter, it is silver-white, and in the summer it becomes reddish. Males have a longer horny than females, while they are also very bent back. They have a sabershaped shape. Their length can be up to 1.3 mm.

Red Book

Recently, the goats of this species began to rapidly disappear from wildlife. The main reason for this phenomenon is considered to be cutting up mountain forests and poaching.  The shooting of an animal in Eurasia has been banned since 1984. However, the population does not cease to decline. Another reason for this is the contaminated external environment. In addition, in some regions a serious role in the life of Bezoar goats is played by competition for food with home goats.

Where it lives

The habitat extends from the North Caucasus (Dagestan) to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Is found in Crete, Turkey, in Iran and Turkmenistan, as well as other Greek Islands. Most often, you can find goats in Azerbaijan in the eastern part of the watershed ridge and on the southern slopes of the Babadag massif. In Armenia on the Sevansky Range near the village of Shorez, the Western branches of the Gegham Range (Khosrovsky State Reserve), Garni, Urtz. Ranks Vardenis, Wyotz Dor, Zangezur, Bargushat and Megry, as well as Canyon Noravank and the banks of the Arpa River.

For a comfortable life, the Bezoal goat needs a terrain with rocky mountains and impenetrable cliffs. Another important requirement is the presence of coniferous forests, dense shrubs and rocky arrays.

Bezoral goats rarely form a herd of more than 10 individuals. The leader most often becomes an old female. Reaching 6 years, males prefer to live alone. The peak of the activity of the goats of this type falls at night. It is with the onset of dusk that they go to search for food. They eat herbs, the foliage of trees and shrubs, branches. Love to enjoy and berries. In winter they feed on dry grass extracted from under the snow.

Bezoar goat photo

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