Red Book Combus Combland Photo and Description

Crested cormorant is often confused with a duck. This is not strange, because outwardly they are very similar to each other and, if you do not look closely, a specific bird can not be recognized. This type of cormorant is listed in the Red Books of several countries, including Eurasia and Ukraine.

Description of the species

You can find out the crested cormorant by several signs. The first is the color of the feathers. In adults, plumage is characterized by a rich black color with a metal tint of green and purple in the neck and head. Covering wings, back, shoulder blades and shoulders with a velvet edging. Flaw inner fans are painted brown, external in green. The head of the cormorants is decorated with a foam crest, which is more pronounced in males. Black beak with the top of a pale shade, on the main part yellow strips, a rainbow greenish. It is impossible to determine the gender of the individual by the color of the feathers: both male representatives and the females of the plumage are the same.

As for the size, the body of the crested cormorant reaches 72 cm in length, and the wings are opened almost by a meter. Mediumsized bird weight about 2 kg. Individuals swim well and know how to dive, while they do not know how to fly and stay in the air.


It is impossible to determine the exact habitation of the crested cormorants. Most often they settle on the sea coasts of the Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic and Black Seas. In Africa, these representatives of dealerships also live, most often in the northern and north-west part. Any climate is suitable for birds: they tolerate high and low temperatures equally well.


The main food of the cups is a fish, most often, they hunt:

  • Moiva;
  • herring;
  • Sardin.
  • However, if there are no fish, the bird is enjoyed by frogs and snakes. Daily norm for an adult 500 gr. Longlegged cormorants dive well, so they can hunt at a depth of 15 m, if there is no prey in shallow water, in two minutes, birds manage to catch several fish under water.

    Interesting Facts

    The behavior of crested cormorants is of constant interest from environmentalists and researchers. Some factors should be distinguished, inherent in this type of birds:

    1. Birds often harm farms and farms that breed fish.
    2. In the south-east of Asia, birds are trained for mass catching fish. This allows you to catch more than 100 kg for an ode to catch the night.
    3. The skin and feathers of cormorants were used to decorate clothes and create accessories.
    4. Due to the large number of excrement of crested cormorants, dryness appears in the forests.
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