Red Book flowers photo and description | Presentation and report

The Red Book recorded a list of very rare colors of the Earth, which are under the protection of those countries in which they grow. Many species of plants have already disappeared completely, so the preservation of the remaining species is extremely important. Some species in the Red Book are well known to everyone, so most people do not even realize that they are under threat of disappearance. This is why it is so important to know those rare flowers, so as not to tear them to meet. Such popular endangered species include snowdrops, dwarf tulips, mountain peony and many others.

The snowdrop is flatheaded

Volodushka Martyanova

The nonrejuvenate is cheerful

Rhododendron Schlippenbach

Tulip dwarf

Magnolia is backward

The lotus is nutty

PION is mountainous

Mack Vostochny

Buttercup Sayansky

The rest of the red book flowers

The violet is cut

Lily of the valley

Tulip Shrenka

Poultry house


Levzea is safflower

Lilia Saranka


Mouse hyacinth


Yellow is yellow



Lily bell



The violet is cut

Veninin shoe is real

Cardiocrinum is heartshaped

Magnolia from the bottom is white

Valerian Ayanskaya

Closeup is magnificent


A huge number of colors are in the Red Book. It is not necessary to learn the whole book by a simple person, however, a number of plants that live in the region of residence in order to try not to inflict great damage should be remembered. It should be understood that this list is annually replenished with all new types of colors that were previously universal, and will soon become at risk of disappearance. Only the conscious attitude of each person to nature can reduce the harm that we do daily.

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