Red Book Mountain Pion Description and photo

Mountain or spring peony in the wild is a rare species that is found only in the southern part of Primorye, East Asia and on some islands of Japan. Recently, it has been attributed to the dying appearance.

It is a perennial plant that has excellent frost resistance, which is why it is able to survive the winter. Based on territorial preferences, it can exist in forests with mixed vegetation.

Prefers to sprout in the shade, in particular, on the slopes of the hills or near the rivers. Such a flower is not prone to the formation of large accumulations, why meet a clearing, dotted with peony only in isolated cases. Almost always grows single or small groups.

Limiting factors

The most common limiting factors are considered:

  • Collection of flowers by people for the formation of bouquets;
  • extensive cutting of forests;
  • frequent forest fires;
  • Digging rhizomes this is explained by the fact that such a plant has a large number of medicinal properties;
  • economic development of the territories of germination.
  • Strictly protected natural reserves have been created to save the population work is performed on them regarding a more detailed study of the type and the possibility of increasing its number.

    Red Book Mountain Pion Description and photo

    general description

    Mountain peony is a perennial flower, the rhizomes of which are located horizontally. His stem is single and erect, which makes it possible to reach half a meter in height.

    A distinctive feature of this species is the presence of the socalled ribs a pigmented strip that has a violet shade flows along them. At the very base are rather large scales, in diameter up to 4 centimeters, red or raspberry shade.

    In addition, the features of this flower can be considered:

  • leaves they are three times triple and oval in shape. Their length can vary from 18 to 28 centimeters. Foliage plate is painted in dark red color. They also have a purple tint veins on them;
  • flowers characterized by a cupshaped shape, and in diameter are approximately 10 centimeters. The basis is the cups-it is a dark green color, concave and very fleshy. The shape of the flower is simple-this means that the petals are located in one row, in which there are 5-6 pieces. Their length is 6 centimeters, and the width is 40 millimeters. In nature, the most common flowers of a delicate light pink shade are found;
  • stamens they are located in the middle of the flower, and there are about 60 of them in total. Their base is purple, and the top is yellow;
  • pestles in one bud, they often have no more than 3 pieces. Often only one pestle is found.
  • The flowering period falls on May, and the fruits are mainly revealed closer to the end of July or by the beginning of August. The fetus is a singleleaflet, the length of which does not exceed 6 centimeters. His surface is naked with a greenish-violet color. Inside is from 4 to 8 brownish shade seeds. Instead of seeds, the fetus may contain vengeful beginnings.

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