Red Book of Donbass (Donetsk region) animals and plants, photos and description

Когда в Донецкой области остаётся немного животных определенного вида (в естественной среде обитания, за пределами зоопарка), или если что-то происходит и многим представителям вида трудно выжить, он оказывается под угрозой исчезновения. This means that it is necessary to take certain actions to help animals and prevent it from freezing.

Expose the danger of disappearance:

  • predatory hunting;
  • Growth of cities;
  • Using pesticides.
  • Disading species are placed at various levels, some species are at risk, while others are almost freezed, which means that not a single representative of this species remains in the Donetsk region anymore.


    Lesnoye cat

    Steppe horse

    Belarusian hare

    Hedgehog is eared


    River tear

    Steppe ferret

    The tushka is large

    Whitetoothed blind

    European mink

    Small Kutor


    Alpine BroZub


    Siper is ordinary

    The stork is black

    Golden eagle

    Reptiles, snakes and insects

    The copper is ordinary

    Passenian skies

    The beetle


    Spring Adonis (Spring Gorisvet)

    Wolf bast (ordinary wolf cub)

    Snake Highlander (cancer neck)

    The bitterness is crossleafed

    Gorizvet Kukushkin (Kukushkin color)

    Eleasil high

    Dudnik medicinal (Diagil)

    Wintering is umbrella

    Marsh marigold

    The hoof is European


    The cube is yellow

    White jug (water lily)

    Landysh Maisky

    The cinquefoil is erect

    Lyubka twoleaved (night violet)

    Ordinary niva (Popper)

    Paporotnik Orlyak

    Fern (shield)

    The shift is open

    Rosyanka is roundleaved

    Solo Naked (Lacherge)

    Sablen marsh

    Horsetail of the forest

    Rosehip is cinnamon


    There are several different reasons why the animals are in danger and the species are introduced to the Red Book of Donbass:

  • climate change the temperature in the region becomes hotter;
  • Loss of the environment there is less space for the life of the animal than before;
  • Cutting off trees (forests) animals, when trees destroy, lose their habitat;
  • predatory hunting there are no resources left to replenish the population;
  • poaching hunt and kill animals illegally outside the hunting season or in the reserve.
  • Extinction has always happened. People just know more about this than before and largely thanks to the Red Book of the Donetsk region.

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