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Redhaired woodpecker (lat. Dendrocopos Hyperythrus), redbreasted or redcheeked woodpecker, woodpecker family, kind of variegated woodpeckers.


This small representative of the species from Southeast Asia has not been discovered in our country not so long ago. This bird with a long beak in size is slightly smaller than a large variegated woodpecker: the length of its body does not exceed 250 mm, and the weight is not more than 75 g. The red-grown woodpecker is distinguished by a black back color, on which you can notice the transverse stripes of a bright white shade, with a red-stone abdominal part (this differs from all other types of this family in our country). In males, the red head is an identifying feature, but in females this part of the body is black, with light films.

The female does not differ in size from the male, and by color it can be determined precisely thanks to the black head. Her back is brownish, the upper feathers of the wings are virtually without shine, and the neck, throat and chest of the bird are an order of magnitude lighter than in males.


The redhaired woodpecker has a longer beak in comparison with other types of this kind, and the bird itself is smaller than other species of woodpeckers. It is characterized by brightly exposed sexual dimorphism: females and males differ significantly from each other.

These birds at a young age are much paler than parents. They have much less white color on the body, and the sides of the head, neck, throat and chest are also not bright: they are yellowish-brown with a black bacon. On the tail there are pale red lower feathers. Birds aged one year have a smaller amount of painting on the body, and their oversleep is greenish, just like legs and claws.

In size, the redhaired woodpecker is not particularly different from other types of woodpeckers. But what reliably distinguishes him from other birds of this species is a red-brown color of the chest and lower part.

Lifestyle and behavior

Of the woodpeckers in Eurasia, it was the red-haired woodpecker who is the only, truly migratory look. It usually winters in the southeastern regions of China and in the territory of North Vietnam, adjacent to this with the range of several other southern subspecies.

Redhaired woodpeckers are used to leading a single lifestyle, or they form couples. This species has extreme secrecy, and once again it is quite difficult to see them. And these woodpeckers emit relatively more quiet drum trill than other species.

In this regard, redhaired woodpeckers prefer to settle in hidden, lowcoded places, and their populations are very small, and are carefully isolated from each other. Birds that live in the north of the habitat are prone to annual seasonal migrations (they winter on the southern boundaries of the range). But those who are accustomed to be in the south are usually settled, and they change their lands in exceptional cases.

Where they live

The habitat of the redhaired woodpecker extends with a narrow territory passing through the forest region from the Himalayas to Kashmir to Assam. These birds can be found in the Chinese province of Sichuan, from where they spread to the southern territories to Yunnan and North Thailand, including Vietnam and the southeast of the Tibetan mountains. There is also an isolated area of ​​the habitat of this woodpecker, which covers the northeast of China to the highway of Haybey in the north of the Korean Peninsula.

The largest populations can be found in many countries of Southeast Asia, and at the moment, as many as four subspecies are known that nest in Hindustan, Tibet, and even Pakistan, up to the Far East of our country.

Redgrooming woodpecker prefers to populate tropical moist forests of a mixed type, which can be found both on plains and on the mountainous territory. So, in China, it can be found at a height in a significant 4,500 meters above sea level. And in the Himalayas, this woodpecker is found in the Himalayan tops.

In the north of Korea and China, the largest and brighter subspecies of this species, Dendrocopos subrufinus are found.

What they eat

The diet of a redhaired woodpecker consists mainly of animal food, which includes a variety of insects, caterpillars and larvae. Moreover, almost large half of their daily diet is ordinary ants. Woodpeckers hunt on the branches of trees, looking for prey under the bark by making holes: it is for this that their long beak is intended.

But this does not mean that woodpeckers neglect plant foods, because they like to enjoy ripe fruits. And in winter, they are happy to consume wood juice and resin.


For most the habitat of these woodpeckers, the wedding period starts with the beginning of spring. Typically, woodpeckers nest in hollows of trees of deciduous species at a considerable height above the ground, up to 6 m. Sometimes pine trees can also be used for this purpose.

In the laying of woodpeckers usually up to five eggs, but, unfortunately, the exact duration of the incubation period and the period of cultivation of the chicks is unknown. Both parents take part in the upbringing and feeding of offspring. And at the end of summer, both chicks and their parents go to winter.

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