Redzone Gagara photo and description, where it lives and what it eats, behavior

Redzone Gagara is the smallest of Gagar, it changes color throughout the year. Bird height 53-69 cm, wingspan 106-116 cm. During swimming, Gagar sits low in water, the head and neck are visible above the water.

The appearance of the redzoboy Gagara

In summer, the head is gray, the neck too, but it has a large glossy red spot. In winter, the head becomes white, and the red spot disappears for this season, the upper part is dark brown and with small spots of white. Below the body is white, the tail is short, wellexpressed, dark.

During the propagation period of redzoboy, Gagara:

  • The upper body is completely dark brown;
  • The iris is reddish;
  • All feathers are fed at the end of the season, and Gagars do not fly for several weeks.
  • Feathers grow in early spring and early autumn.

    Males on average slightly larger than females, with a more massive head and beak. Gagara neck is thick, narrow and elongated nostrils, adapted to dive. The body is intended for swimming, with short, strong paws allocated back to the body. Paws are ideal for moving on water, but make walk on land difficult. Three front fingers membranes.


    Redzone Gagars spend most of the time in the Arctic, are found in Alaska and throughout the Northern Hemisphere, in Europe, America and Asia. During the breeding season, Gagar lives in freshwater ponds, lakes, swamps. In winter, Gagars live along protected coastal lines in salt water. They are sensitive to human activity and leave a pond if there are many people nearby.

    What redzone gagars eat

    They hunt only in sea waters, freshwater ponds and lakes are used for nesting. They find prey visually, need clean water, catches food while swimming. Gagara dives to get food, which consists of:

  • crustaceans;
  • small and medium fish;
  • mollusks;
  • frogs and frog caviar;
  • insects.
  • Life cycle

    Multiply when the spring thaw occurs, usually in May. The male chooses the nesting place close to deep water. Male and female build a nest of plant material. The female lays two eggs that the male and the female force for three weeks. After 2 or 3 weeks, the chicks begin to swim and spend most of the time in the water, but still parents bring them food. After 7 weeks, juniors fly and eat on their own.


    Unlike ordinary Gagar, the redzoboy takes off directly from the ground or water, does not need a run.

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