Renewable natural resources | Examples of Renewable Resources

The renewable resources of the planet are those benefits of nature that can be restored as a result of various processes. People need to control their activities, otherwise the supply of these resources can be drastically reduced, and sometimes it takes hundreds of years to restore them. Renewable resources include:

  • animals;
  • plants;
  • some types of mineral resources;
  • oxygen;
  • fresh water.
  • In general, renewable resources can be recovered rather than spent. It is worth noting that this term is rather conditional, and is used rather as an antonym for “non-renewable” resources. As for renewable goods, a fairly significant part of them will be exhausted in the future if the rate of their exploitation is not reduced.

    Renewable natural resources | Examples of Renewable Resources

    Use of fresh water and oxygen

    Within one or more years, goods such as fresh water and oxygen can be restored. So water resources that are suitable for human consumption are contained in continental reservoirs. These are mainly groundwater sources and freshwater lakes, but there are some rivers whose water can also be used for drinking. These resources are strategically important reserves for all mankind. Their shortage in some regions of the planet leads to a shortage of drinking water, depletion and death of people, and polluted water causes many diseases, some of which are also fatal.

    So far, oxygen consumption is not a problem on a global scale, it is quite enough in the air. This component of the atmosphere is emitted by plants that produce it in the process of photosynthesis. As scientists have calculated, people use only 10% of the total amount of oxygen, but in order not to need it, we need to stop deforestation and increase the number of green spaces on earth, which will provide enough oxygen to our descendants.

    Renewable natural resources | Examples of Renewable Resources

    biological resources

    The flora and fauna are able to recover, but the anthropogenic factor negatively affects this process. Thanks to people, about 3 species of flora and fauna disappear from the planet every hour, which leads to the extinction of rare and endangered species. Because of people, many representatives of the plant and animal world are forever lost. People use trees and other plants too intensively, not only for domestic, but for agricultural and industrial needs, and animals are killed not only for food. All these processes need to be controlled, as there is a risk of destruction of a significant part of the flora and fauna.

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