Reserves of mixed and broad-leaved forests of Eurasia and the world

Various forests are common in the Sikhote-Apinskiy Biosphere Reserve. Among broad-leaved trees, these are elm-ash. Growing poplars, willows, alder. There is a huge variety of herbs and bushes. The fauna is rich, and due to the fact that the zone is protected, there is a chance of increasing many populations.

Despite the fact that the Kedrovaya Pad Reserve should essentially be coniferous, there are linden and maple broad-leaved forests here. In addition to forest-forming species, birches, oaks, elms, hornbeams grow in them. One of the most famous biosphere reserves “Bryansk Forest” is full of such broad-leaved species as oaks, ash-trees and birches.

Reserves of Eurasia and America

The Dihang Dibang Indian Reserve consists of forests of various types, including broadleaf and temperate broadleaf forests. There are many endemic and endangered species that grow in the Himalayan mountains.

One of the famous forest reserves in Europe is the New Forest in England. Since the eleventh century it has been used as a great hunting ground. Many trees and shrubs grow here, and among rare species it is worth noting sundew, ulex, gentian. The famous “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”, located in the Republic of Belarus. In Norway there is a rare forest “Femunnsmark”, in which birch trees also grow in places. Gran-Paradiso in Italy is the largest reserve, where, along with coniferous breeds, broad-leaved ones are growing-European, fluffy oak, chestnuts, as well as a huge number of herbs and bushes.

Among the largest forest reserves of America, it should be called a launch who is in Florida (USA). The Great Taton Reserve with huge forests is also known. The Olympic National Park presents a variety of landscapes, among which there are also broadleaved forests with different breeds of trees.

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