Reserves of mixed forests of Eurasia and the world

Mixed forests are found in different parts of the world. Due to the value of species and the need for wood as a building material, trees are constantly cut down, which leads to changes in the forest ecosystem. This contributes to the extinction of many species of flora and fauna. In order to preserve the forest, mixed forest reserves have been created in many countries, which are under state protection.

Russian reserves

The largest reserves of Eurasia are Bryansk, Prioksko-Terrasny, Central Forest, Volga-Kama, Zavidovsky, Oksky. Spruces and ash trees, lindens and oaks grow in these reserves. Among the shrubs there are hazel and euonymus, and among the berries raspberries, lingonberries, blueberries. Here is a variety of herbs. They have different types of animals:

  • field mice;
  • moles;
  • common squirrels and flying squirrels;
  • muskrats;
  • beavers;
  • otters;
  • caresses;
  • foxes;
  • stoats;
  • hares;
  • martens;
  • mink;
  • brown bears;
  • lynxes;
  • moose;
  • boars.
  • There are many birds in the forests. These are owls and sparrows, partridges and hazel grouses, wood grouses and cranes, magpies and peregrine falcons, black grouses and golden eagles. The ponds are full of fish, toads and turtles. Snakes and lizards crawl on the ground, and a variety of insects fly in the air.

    Bryansk Reserve

    European reserves

    One of the largest reserves in England, where there are mixed forests, is the New Forest. It has a huge variety of flora and fauna. On the territory of Poland and Belarus there is a large reserve “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”. It also contains coniferous and broad-leaved trees and shrubs. Switzerland’s Rogen Nature Reserve is densely forested.

    New Forest Preserve

    A well-known German forest reserve with mixed tree species is the Bavarian Forest. Spruces and firs, blueberries and ferns, elms and alders, beeches and maples, woodruffs and lilies, as well as Hungarian gentian grow here. Huge flocks of birds live in the forest: woodpeckers, owls, crows, owls, capercaillie, flycatchers. Lynxes, martens, red deer are found in the forests.

    Bavarian Forest National Park

    American reserves

    In America there is a Great Teton reserve, in which coniferous-broad-leaved trees grow. Zeon National Park is densely forested and home to several hundred species of fauna. The forest reserve is the National Park “Olympic”. Small forests, along with other natural areas, are found in the reserve Rocky Mountain National Park.

    Zeon National Park

    There are a huge number of mixed forest reserves in the world. Not only the state should provide them with protection, but, above all, people themselves can make a huge contribution to the conservation of nature.

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