River pool

The river pool is the territory of sushi in which underground soil and various reservoirs flow out water. All of them enter the system of a certain river, but the regimes of surface and underground water collection do not coincide. Since it is difficult to track the sources of groundwater, the basis of the pool is precisely the tributaries of the river.

The water exchange between the main river, lakes and small rivers occurs regularly, which provides the regime of the river basin. Between adjacent reservoirs passes the border along the line of hydrogen.

Types of river pools

Scientists distinguish two types of river basins waste and vast. The vast pools include the waters of rivers and lakes, which are not connected through the main river with the oceans. By location, forms and sizes, they are diverse. Respectively sewage areas those that as a result have access to the ocean.

River pool

All river pools are characterized by the length of the main river and along the area of ​​the river water column, the volumes of water flow and stability of the river bed, power sources and hydrofaying conditions. The length of the river is divided into large, medium and small. River nutrition occurs due to rain water, snow, glacial, underground, as well as the water of streams, lakes and small rivers are important. Most often, river pools have mixed nutrition when there are several sources of water.

The largest river basins in the world

It is believed that each river has a pool, regardless of whether it flows into another river, sea or ocean. The largest pools of the following rivers:

  • Amazon;
  • Congo;
  • Mississippi;
  • Ob;
  • Nile;
  • Paraning;
  • Yenisei;
  • Lena;
  • Niger;
  • Amur.
  • Depending on the area of ​​river basins, they have, first of all, great economic importance. Rivers are the main source of fresh water. Their waters are used for watering fields, irrigation systems are created, water resources are used in industry (metallurgy, energy, chemical industry). Not the last meaning of river basins play for fishing. One of the functions of rivers is recreational.

    Thus, the main river, along with tributaries and sources of groundwater, forms a river basin. The more water bodies flows into the river, the much more the pool becomes. Since water resources are of paramount importance to people’s lives, they are actively used in various areas of economics and life. This leads to the depletion of some reservoirs, but in order to avoid this, you need to rationally use the waters of the planet river basins.

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