River River from the Red Book photo and description, what is eaten and what it looks like, facts

Otter is a small predatory animal that has a flood type of life inherent. She belongs to the Kunah family. A rather remarkable animal that received increased interest due to its fur. It is considered an extremely goodnatured animal, which can be tamed for home conditions.


River otter has a rather pretty appearance.  Her body size varies from 55 to 95 centimeters with a weight of about 10 kilograms. Thanks to its lifestyle, it has a lot of distinctive features in the form of a flexible and elongated body, a long tail, short paws with membranes between the fingers. The muzzle of the river otter is small and slightly flattened, on which small rounded ears are located.

The eyes are dark and directed forward or up. The body of river otter is covered with thick wool. The fur itself is quite rude and shiny with brown color that brightens in the abdomen. In winter, the fur becomes longer. Feet and brushes without woolen cover.

Sexual dimorphism lies in size: males are larger than females.


The habitat of river otter extends throughout Western Europe, including Asia. Quite often found in China and Hindustan. The first species of river otters were found in Greece, Great Britain and Spain. Their number decreased sharply on the territory of these regions due to mass hunting. The most comfortable habitat of river otters is a river with a quick current. At the moment, the number of river otter has about 90 thousand.


The diet of river otter is extremely diverse. They feed mainly by fish. The main victims of animals are fish such as:

  • carp;
  • pike;
  • trout;
  • crucian carp;
  • roach.
  • River otter spends some of the time on land, where it can eat small rodents, swamp birds and frogs. Often can enjoy large beetles and mollusks.

    In search of prey, river otter can find a fish hole where many different fish representatives are located. The simplest prey is small slow flocks that can be easily caught up. Hunting single fish, river otter organizes ambushes to make a quick attack.

    River otter in the bath 🙂


    River otter mainly lonely animals. The period of mating can be curtained from climatic conditions. Smart animals become at the age of 2 to 3 years. The period of pregnancy lasts about 8 months. For this reason, the number of river otters cannot increase much. The female gives birth to no more than 4 cubs. River otter are born extremely helpless. They have no vision, hearing, teeth and plumage. They become sighted only in a month. During this period, they grow fur.

    They can eat on their own only after 2 months of life. Depart from the mother at a very small distance.

    Thus, the whole first year of growing up is small otter with the female. The male is driven away by the female immediately after fertilization. She protects the cubs from a possible danger and feeds. After the year, river otter becomes independent animals.

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