Rizenshnauzer: breed characteristics, dog photo and description


  • Country of origin: Germany
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    59–70 cm
  • The weight:
    32–35 kg
  • Age:
    11–12 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Pinchers and Schnauzers, Molosses, Mountains and Swiss Cattle Dogs
  • Brief information

  • A risenchneuzer can be both a service dog and a family companion;
  • One of the most patient breeds towards children;
  • The breed standard was adopted more than a hundred years ago, and during this time, it did not undergo significant changes.
  • The nature of the risenchneutsers

    A Rizenshnauzer is a truly official dog, it has a pronounced instinct of a defender. Protecting and protecting the owner, can show aggression. At the same time, he will never bite the child, but he will patiently play with him and will become a great nanny. In general, it is a very kind, affectionate and devoted animal. As a rule, the dog loves all family members, but the real owner is always alone for her.

    Rizenshnauzer: breed characteristics, dog photo and description

    Rizenchneuzers are very temperamental dogs requiring constant control. The owner must regularly remind the dog that he must obey him unquestioningly and what is, needs to walk and play at a certain time, and not when he wants. In general, all the teams of the risenchneuzers absorb well. It is important to remember that training for representatives of this breed is necessary, since a risenchneuszer is not a decorative indoor dog. You need to constantly communicate with your pet, develop it and teach new commands. With a dog of this breed, you need to talk often and for a long time.

    Giant Schnauzers are very industrious by nature. But this is not the breed that will “work” for anyone. Only if the dog recognizes the owner and leader in the person, she will begin to obey and carry out all his commands. This is important because these dogs naturally have strong leadership qualities. They will not obey the one who is weaker. For this reason, Giant Schnauzers are considered not the easiest breed to raise.

    If you decide to get a rizen, get ready to maintain your authority in his eyes around the clock. Even as a puppy, he will prefer to do as he pleases. He will only obey the one who is stronger, smarter and more cunning. The owner of such a dog should not give up slack under any circumstances. If you are ready to fight for the palm of the championship all your life, then you can buy a puppy of a risenchneuser.

    The warm and friendly attitude of the representatives of this breed to children is explained by the fact that they simply consider “little people” weaker and stupid than themselves. You must understand that the child will not be able to become an authority for a risenchneuser. The dog will play with him and love him, but to obey hardly.

    Rizenshnauzers incredibly energetic breed. These animals seem to not know fatigue. Their energy always hits the edge. If now the “bearded man” sleeps peacefully, then after a few seconds he will be ready to have fun and jump to the ceiling or bravely rush to defend the owner. A stranger can easily provoke a peaceful dog. If the stranger shouts or shakes, then it will be difficult to stop the Rizenshnauser trained to defend. He sees a potential enemy in anyone who, in his opinion, can harm his master. Therefore, such a dog is bad with such a dog.

    But such a characteristic does not mean at all that all representatives of this breed are aggressive and evil animals. At home with their family members, they are very friendly, kind and cheerful. If you make an effort and properly educate the dog, then he will be able to control his outbursts of anger or any other pronounced emotions without any problems.

    Cunning is another innate feature of Rizen, which nature has awarded him. Together with ingenuity, such a “vigorous” mixture allows dogs to deceive everyone around. Including his own master, if he loses his vigilance. Giant Schnauzers are very curious and inquisitive. They like to learn new things and explore the world around them. To always be on the same wavelength with your pet, you need to contact this breed as often as possible. If you think that such a dog will just sit on the sidelines and guard your home, then you are deeply mistaken.

    Pros and cons

    Giant Schnauzer Advantages:

  • excellent guards and bodyguards;
  • patient with children
  • can be kept both in the house and in the apartment;
  • curious and quickly study teams;
  • During molting, the wool does not crumble.
  • The disadvantages of the risenchneuser:

  • stubborn and cunning from nature;
  • need leader and constant education;
  • Long walks are needed so that the dog can throw out energy;
  • Mandatory haircuts and care of trimming wool.
  • Description of the breed of a risenchneuzer

    Rizenshnauzer is characterized by a strong physique and a welldeveloped muscle corset. Of all the schnauzers, this breed is the largest. The growth of a middlesized male sex is from 60 to 70 centimeters at the withers, and the weight reaches 47 kilograms.

    The skull has an elongated shape, the forehead is flat, and the occipital hillock is weak. The muzzle has the shape of a wedge, without an acute ending. Stop is well expressed.

    The jaws are strong, the dental formula is complete. In the mouth of Rizenshnauser fortytwo white and large teeth. The bite has a scissorshaped shape.

    The nose ends with a black large lobe. The nostrils are wide, well expressed. The back of the nose has no failure.

    Small eyes, iris has a black color. They stand straight. The eyelids fit tightly to the mucosa.

    The ears are similar in shape to a triangle, planted high on the skull, hang a little. According to the standard, the tip of the ear should be at the level of the cheekbone of the dog. Not so long ago it was customary to stop the ears of the risenchneutsers. Today it is prohibited in many European countries.

    The neck is not fat, although it is well wrapped. The folds of the skin are absent. There is a small bend in the area of ​​the barn. It is formed by the cervical vertebrae.


    Nonal and compact. The back area is short with a developed muscle corset. The lower back is convex. The stomach is pulled, the sides are selected. From this the dog seems even slimmer.

    The cereal is slightly sloping, the chest is not cheap and slightly protrudes behind the joints of the furnaces.

    Tail of medium length, has the shape of a saber. Previously, the tail, like the ears, was customary to stop. Now this procedure is banned.


    The front limbs of this breed of dogs are straight, set moderately wide. The shovels are characterized by a characteristic slope, they are wellwrapped. The elbows are tightly pressed to the chest.

    The hind limbs are slightly pulled back. The hips should be wide, with a good length. The knees stand straight, not turned inside or out. The paws are redhot.


    Very tough and in its structure is similar to a thin wire. Two of its type enters the coat. This is a fluffy undercoat that warms the animal in the cold. As well as a long and coarse hay hair. He protects from rain and snow. The longest and hard hair grows on the muzzle of a risenchneuser. This breed is characterized by the presence of a mustache, eyebrows and “beards”.


    Rizenshnaucer’s color types of color. There are only two of them. This is a homogeneous black with a black undercoat and “pepper with salt”. The last option is the socalled gray risen.

    Training and education

    Rizenshnauzer is a breed of dogs that will hunt for any type of activity. They will cope not only with the protection of the owner. They will drive other people’s animals from the yard, with enthusiasm will roll children on sleds, help a drowning person. All this is on the shoulder to representatives of this breed.

    But in addition to such an amazing zeal to help a person, as well as the presence of excellent mental abilities, risenchuers are distinguished by a high level of stubbornness. Therefore, any dog ​​handler will recommend starting the training and training of your pet at an early age. The wellknown Rizen specialist Ryudriger Castau, who has been engaged in this breed all his life and even wrote a book dedicated to it, gives an important advice to future owners. It consists in the fact that the dog needs to be educated throughout its life. You can’t just teach the dog something and abandon its training. Rizenshnauzers are highly intellectual dogs that may think and analyze. Therefore, these “erudites” will never blindly fulfill the will of the owner.

    What qualities should be cultivated in this breed? First of all, it is obedience and restraint. The owner must pull the dog, which barks at strangers. Puppies often do this for no reason and with no apparent danger to the owner. The hot-tempered nature of the Giant Schnauzer from an early age literally pushes him to bark at people passing by who the dog didn’t like for some reason. This behavior should not be encouraged.

    Training such a dog is not the easiest thing to do. Periodically, she will try to take the reins of government into her own hands, or rather, her paws. Therefore, the owner must conduct classes with a decisive and serious look, not accepting connivance. The most effective training in a playful way. Before the lesson, you should take a walk with the dog so that it can throw out excess energy. This will allow her to study and focus on commands more effectively.

    Like all other breeds of dogs, Rizenshneuszer does not like to “work” after a tight breakfast or dinner. Therefore, it is better to start classes before feeding. If you notice that the dog is trying to outwit you, then do not punish him for this. Try to outwit it so that he does what is required of him. If the pet ignores you and pretends not to hear the commands, then this is an concern for anxiety. The dog is clearly trying to show that he considers himself a leader, so your authority does not mean anything for him. If you at least a couple of times go on the brakes, then you can be sure that such behavior will be a habit of an animal. It will not work to grow a wellmannered dog.

    If you have chosen a puppy of a risenchneuser of a show class, then it is worth focusing on the socialization of your pet. This will come in handy in the future, since at exhibitions the animal should behave calmly and at ease. With proper upbringing, the dog will calmly endure the mass of strangers who crowded around it, the touch of other people’s hands and the manipulation of Grumre. Socialize the puppy can be visited with him crowded and busy places. Do not be afraid to carry the animal in public transport.

    Ringovka will come in handy for the training and walking of the risenchneuser. This is a special type of leash used to show dogs in the ring. If the dog is pulled forward, then the loop on its neck will begin to tighten. This causes unpleasant sensations in the animal, so the dog gradually gets used to walking or running without tearing a leash. But it is better to get acquainted with Ringovka at an early age. An adult dog can be frightened and panic. Walk the pet on this leash with extreme caution. Make sure that the loop does not tighten the neck too much. To work out an exhibition stand that must be in the arsenal of a show class puppy, use its favorite goodies. This will not only help to teach the animal faster is in the right position, but also consolidate positive associations with the exhibition process.

    Content and care

    Unlike many other breeds, the Rizenshneuszer does not have an unpleasant odor. His wool is quite rigid and protects against any bad weather: rain, snow and frost. Every two months of the pet you need to cut it, once every six months you can do trimming, and comb the wool daily to remove dead hairs and stiffs. You also need to monitor the eyes, ears, nose and claws of the dog.

    Instead of trimming, you can use a special roller or furminator. They are great for plucking dead hairs in dogs, which the owners do not carry to exhibitions. A professional haircut is necessary for a risenchneuser in order to improve the appearance. The standard option is when the excess wool is removed in the area of ​​the ears, throat, groin and hips. The hair on other parts of the body is simply trimmed with scissors. Wash the dogs with a special shampoo, which, if necessary, can be replaced with tar soap. After washing, the wool is first combed with a metal comb with rare teeth, and then with frequent. So the process will take place faster and more efficiently.

    To make the wool shiny and smooth, it can be lubricated with burdock oil. In the diet of a dog, you can include bioactive additives based on red fish oil. So that the dog does not pick up the fungus, make sure that after the meal of its face there remains dry. “Frowning” dirty, or rather, his “beard”, you can wash with soap and get wet with a towel.

    Those who have a Rizenshneuszer attend the exhibitions should be more thoroughly monitoring his “beard”. From some food and feed from dogs with peppermint it can acquire a red tint. This can be dealt with with the help of special bleaching cosmetics that can be purchased at the pet store or veterinary pharmacy. There may also be problems with black risen. Their wool burns out under the sun’s rays. The disadvantage can be eliminated using tint shampoos and balms.

    You should not start a pet of this breed if he has to stay in a loneliness all day. These dogs require regular and long walks 2-3 hours a day. A Rizenshnauzer can live both in a private house and in the apartment, provided that the dog will have its own secluded space.

    Contents on the street is possible only in the summer or in an area with a warm climate. It is unacceptable to keep such dogs in a closed aviary or on a chain.

    Rizenshnauser should be taken out for a walk twice a day. With a puppy on the street, it is necessary to spend at least half an hour, and with an adult dog an hour. It is not recommended to reduce walking time. Riesen is not the dog who loves to sit at home. He needs to spend his indefatigable energy. If he does not do this on the street, he will take her out in the apartment. And this threatens not only material damage, but also causes a psychological trauma to the dog.

    You need to walk with a puppy in a safe place where it can be lowered from a leash. Do not forget to look after the baby and always keep him in the field of vision. If he began to smile holes selflessly or chased behind a cat or pigeon, distract him with a delicacy and offer another lesson. This behavior should not be encouraged.

    Dogs living in an apartment, a regular walk is unlikely to satisfy. They need to arrange sports training at least several times a week. Rizenshnauzer is a breed that will be happy to run after a bicycle or become a companion on a morning run.

    Since socialization is very important for a Rizenshnauzer, try to start taking the puppy outside as early as possible. If you keep it at home for a long time, there will be problems not only in communicating with other people and animals, but also in teaching to the toilet. By the way, it is better to accustom the latter to the latter. Dogs of this breed go to the diaper very reluctantly.


    Inexperienced owners, bringing the puppy of a puppy of a Rizenshnaucer, begin to give him food from their table. They mistakenly believe that there is nothing dangerous for the dog in it. After all, if a person eats it, then such food will be useful for the dog.

    In fact, the needs of the human body and dogs are very different. Therefore, food from your table will not be able to satisfy all the needs of the animal.

    The best alternative to home nutrition for the risenchneutser will be industrial feed. They are balanced, provide the required amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for your pet. Their composition has been developed for years, so modern manufacturers are ready to offer the highest quality products for your fourlegged friends.

    It is important not only to choose the right food, but also to observe its dosage. For calculation, you need to take into account the age, activity and weight of your pet. Each manufacturer indicates the recommended portions on the package with food.

    A diet with a high protein content is suitable for risenchneutsers. Carbohydrates should also be present, especially if the dog trains or spends a lot of time on the street. The diet can consist completely of dry food, and can be added canned food. Buy food only in specialized stores. Do not buy cheap food. After all, you cannot be sure which product is poured into the bag. Remember, if your pet feeds on dry food, then he should have unhindered and roundtheclock access to clean water.

    Health and illness

    All dogs, regardless of the breed, are subject to various diseases. These include both infectious and genetic. Rizenshnauzuzer was no exception. Most often, diseases make themselves felt when the conditions of the content of the dog are disturbed and care is deteriorated.

    It is important to follow the vaccination schedule. Some diseases end in death:

  • rabies;
  • leptospirosis;
  • plague of carnivores;
  • parvovirus enteritis, etc. d.
  • Dogs can get infected anywhere. On a walk from another dog that is already sick, picking up something from the floor and even licking the owner’s shoes. Vaccination according to the established schedule will allow the animal’s body to more effectively cope with pathogens. After vaccination, it is necessary to observe quarantine, as the pet’s immunity weakens at this moment.

    In the Giant Schnauzer, the most common diseases are:

  • Genetic anomalies. The vertebrae may be underdeveloped or the dog is born with a wrinkled tail;
  • Diabetes;
  • Eye diseases, in particular glaucoma and cataracts;
  • Hypothyroidism deficiency of thyroid hormones;
  • retinal atrophy. It can occur due to too long hairs around the eyes. They are hard and scratch the mucous. This results in invisible wounds. Constant trauma leads to atrophy;
  • Volvulus. It occurs in all large dogs if their main physical activity occurs after eating;
  • Pancreatitis. It happens if you feed the dog with goodies from the table;
  • Cryptorchrism the inappropriation of the testicles in the scrotum;
  • Allergies and atopic dermatitis;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Benign and malignant tumors.
  • The health of the dog largely depends on its owner. Damage can do poorquality nutrition, poor hygiene, overheating or hypothermia. If you visit the veterinarian regularly and carry out vaccination according to schedule, then danger can be minimized. In the early stages, almost all diseases can be cured.

    The story of the breed

    People used the ancestors of risenchneutsers as universal dogs. That is, they did not have any specific specialization. Dogs were controlled with cattle, guarded houses and adjacent territory, guarded property. This breed coped with all the tasks with a bang, so I liked the German farmers very much.

    Most of the breed was in demand in southern Germany. Calculating and slightly greedy Bavarians realized that a “workhorse” can be made from a risenchneuser and all the dog duties were put on it. Therefore, they began to actively propagate the dogs.

    The exact origin of the breed could not be established. Historians only know that the blood of the Mittelshnaucers flows in the veins. But when exactly this mixture happened, and who was its author is unknown.

    In the midnineteenth century, the breed of Risanshnaucers began to gain popularity among the nobility. These dogs can be seen depicted with their owners in portraits of that time. These were not only important persons and nobles, but also kings with queens. In 1902, these dogs began to appear at the dogological “parties”, and in 1909 an exhibition was held in Munich, in which twentynine representatives of the breed participated. After her, interest in the Rizenshnauzers began to grow rapidly.

    Interestingly, at first the dogs were called the Munich Schnaucers. But later other names glued to them. For example, the Germans called them with beer schnauzers due to the fact that dogs often used to transport beer barrels in pubs. The official name, like the appearance standard, received dogs in 1923.

    In the Soviet Union, the first representatives of the breed appeared in the twenties of the last century. But at that time no one decided to start breeding these dogs. The pioneer became the nursery “Red Star”. In the seventies, a pair of purebred puppies entered it, from which all the Rizenchuers on the territory of the Russian Federation later occurred.

    For whom this breed is suitable

    Rizenshnauzer not a breed for everyone. Such a dog is not suitable for people with a soft and compassionate character. They simply will not be able to become a leader and a “leader” for a dog. And this threatens that the dog will grow up uncontrollable and aggressive. Given its size and characteristics, it will pose a threat to society and the owner himself. Not the best option of a risenchneuzer would be for the elderly. They will not physically cope with a large and moving dog.

    For whom such a breed is suitable? Active people with a solid and balanced character. Families with children, since risenchneuzers get along well with babies of any age. For those who live in the private sector and need to protect. For a dog, it will be useful to show its working qualities.

    How to choose a puppy

    To choose a worthy puppy, you need to collect all the information about its parents. Ask the breeders what diplomas they have, are there any test results for working quality. Ask how many puppies were in the litter. Rizenshnutuers are quite fertile, so up to fourteen puppies can lead in one pregnancy in one pregnancy. But this amount is considered undesirable, since kids are born too small. It is better if there are no more than eight. Then you can be sure that the puppies had enough nutrients in the womb, as well as her milk.

    You can pick up a little risenchneuser into a new house from a month and a half. At this age, he already has all the incisors in the mouth, so you can determine what kind of dog the dog has. One of the most important selection criteria is the appearance of the dog. He should not be too thin or thick. The wool should shine, be smooth. Choose a dog with a coal-black stroke around the eyes and the same lip pigmentation. This will be the key to the fact that in the future she will have perfect wool.

    If the breeder contains puppies not in the house, but in the yard, then they may have fleas. This is not a problem, since it is considered a normal state of things. You can easily get rid of them. But, if puppies are kept in unsanitary conditions, and there are a lot of fleas on them, then this is an occasion to refuse to buy.

    When choosing a baby’s baby from the droppings, pay attention to his behavior. A healthy puppy with a stable psyche will be funny, mobile and inquisitive. Cowardice and aggression are vices for this breed.

    If you doubt your talents of the trainer, then give preference to show class puppies. It is better to leave dogs from workers from workers for experienced owners. It will be difficult for beginners to cope with the animal in which the blood of whole generations of aggressive service dogs flows.

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