Rottweiler: All about the breed, photo of the dog, character, price


  • Country of origin: Germany
    The size
    56–68 cm
    The weight
    42–50 kg
    up to 12 years
    MKF breed group
    Pinchers and Schnauzers, Molosses, Mountain Dogs and Swiss Cattle Dogs
  • Brief information

  • Fearless, strong and loyal guard dogs;
  • need training and educating a dog handler;
  • do not require special hair care.
  • The story of the breed

    There is no exact data on how exactly the Rottweiler breed appeared in Germany. Historians suggest that the ancestors of these dogs served Roman soldiers, accompanying them on campaigns. And to them, Rottweilers fell from Asia countries, where they helped people graze cattle and guarded their homes.  

    The dogs got their name in honor of the area on which they lived. Rote Weil Rottweil, which was occupied by the Romans, was captured by the Swabian tribes. The locals were forced out, but the dogs remained. Existing breeds have been crossed multiple times. As a result, we got one that is as close as possible to the modern Rottweiler.

    Ancestors of dogs were used by butchers to drive cattle. They were distinguished not only by their highly intellectual mind, but also by their remarkable strength and strict character. If the butcher was worried about the proceeds received for the transaction, then he simply hung a wallet with coins around the dog’s neck. This guaranteed the complete safety of funds. The size of Rottweilers allowed them to also pull wagons.

    With the advent of the railroad and the ban on driving pets on foot, the need for dogs disappeared. The breed is endangered. But, fortunately, Rottweilers continued to be bred, thanks to their good protective qualities. They were fearless and protected housing and owner until the last. Therefore, it was not difficult for Rottweilers to move into the category of service dogs. There is a version that one incident contributed to the growth of the popularity of the breed. A police officer who patrolled the streets with a service Rottweiler was able to calm a crowd of drunken soldiers without the use of weapons and force. A well-trained dog coped with everything.

    In 1921, the first Rottweiler club was created in Stuttgart, where they developed a single breed standard. A plan for its development was also created here. The club is still active today.

    In the vastness of the USSR, Rottweilers found another use: they took part in the creation of the legendary black terriers. And the Rottweilers themselves were used only as “employees” of the police and the army. It was extremely difficult for lovers and breeders to get such a puppy. In the USSR, Rottweilers were more aggressive and larger than their Western counterparts. After some time, representatives of the breed from Europe began to be imported into our countries.

    Description of the Rottweiler

    The Rottweiler is a large dog with a large head and ears that droop slightly. The muzzle is square. Flews sag, so the dog often drools. The color of the Rottweiler is black, with brown tan. The coat is short, hard and coarse. Dogs don’t grow up fast. The animal can reach full growth only by two or three years.

    Males at the withers reach 68 centimeters, and females 63. The weight of the first, on average, is 50 kilograms, and the second about 42. Males are more massive than females and have a loose physique.

    The head is of medium length, the forehead is convex, the transition to the muzzle is very pronounced. Cheekbones are clearly visible, with relief muscles. The mouth opens wide, the jaws are also wide. The nose is large, with large open nostrils. The bridge of the nose is straight, does not taper.

    Lips fit well to the jaws, sag down, forming cheeks. Rottweilers of eyelids, nose and lips can be exclusively black.

    The eyes are small, have a round or almondshaped shape, a rich brown shade. The eyelids are tightly adjacent, there is a welldistinguishable thickening on the edge. The supervisory is also expressed.

    Ears of medium size, have the shape of a triangle, hang. Removed from each other, set high.

    The ears adjacent to the skull make it visually wider.

    Rottweiler’s neck is wide and massive, the muscles are pronounced. Behind the scruff he goes into a high withers. There should not be a fold on it.


    The case has a slightly stretched shape. At the same time, in males it is shorter than that of bitches. The back has no drawdown, straight and powerful. According to the standard, there should be a muscle relief that surround the spine. The cereal sloping, rounded, with the back is on a single line.

    The chest is quite large and wide, has the shape of a barrel. The transition line from ribs to the stomach is practically absent, and the latter is distinguished by friability. There are skin folds in the groin.  

    The tail has a thickened shape, which already becomes to the end. In a calm state, he takes out to a hock. Rottweiler holds it at the level of the back, the edge of the tail is slightly twisted. At exhibitions, it is necessarily checked for the presence of fractures and nodules. If they are, then the representative of the breed is recognized as a defective.


    The front limbs have a direct shape and are set from each other at a large distance. The elbows are tightly pressed to the body, the blades are pronounced. The front limbs, like the rear, have developed muscles. Heels with a small slope, quite mobile. The paw has a round shape. The fingers are collected tightly. They are short, with expressed dense pads.

    The hind limbs of the dog are also widely set, they have muscular hips with good relief. Cocking joint bends at a soft angle. When evaluating the extremities, the largest drawback is the clubfoot.


    Rottweiler’s wool is tightly full, good density. Ostral hair has a medium length and adjacent to the skin. Scruffy and back are characterized by a longer outer hair, which can give light curls of wool. The undercoat is tightly full. If the dog is kept in conditions of harsh climate, then it can become thicker. Thus, the dog can carry low temperatures.


    Rottweiler according to the standard is allowed only one color option black with a red or reddish tan. Spots should be well outlined, located in certain places and occupy at least 15% and no more than 30% of the total surface of the body. Podpalins are located in such places:

  • near the eyebrows and cheeks;
  • on shoulders;
  • in the chest area;
  • under the larynx;
  • on the surface of the hips from the inside;
  • in the area of ​​the anal hole;
  • At the ends of the paws.
  • Rottweilers are born already with brightly exposed spots. Then they become a more clear shape and increase in size.

    The nature of the Rottweilers

    Rottweiler is a service dog whose glory does not always reflect the essence of the breed. It is unfairly believed that these are evil and aggressive animals that can attack even the owner. This is not so with proper upbringing and training, Rottweiler will become a real friend, a guard and defender of the family.

    Rottweiler is a dog created for work and physical activity. Like any other official breed, it requires professional training and education. Then the animal will become not just a friend, but the most obedient and affectionate pet who will be ready to give his life for his master. It is believed that the patience and mind of this breed allow it to easily find a common language with children, even the smallest. A welleducated rottweiler is perfect for the role of a family dog.

    The breed boasts developed intelligence. But this fact is unknown to many owners, so they try to focus exclusively on security or fighting skills.

    Rottweiler will be happy to make you company on walks, take part in active games. The character of Rottweiler is strongwilled, independent and quite stubborn. He needs a strict leader who will relate to the dog with restrained, but fair. Rottweiler does not tolerate groundless punishments and the effects of gross physical strength. Aggression from the owner can give rise to aggression from the dog in the future. The psyche of the dog will develop incorrectly, so it will be possible to expect anything from it, up to the point that it will become dangerous for society and its owner.

    Rottweiler is suitable for an adequate and fair owner. It is better if he already has the experience of owning and educating large dogs. Rottweiler’s attitude to children, on the contrary, is very tender and patient. These dogs are very devoted and attached to the family in which they live. Therefore, they can act as excellent bodyguards and will be ready to defend the “relatives” until the last sigh.

    Properly educated dogs react to strangers calmly until they threaten the lives of the family or encroach on their territory. Rotweiler will not bark idle. It can get along with other animals if he grew up with them from a puppy. The sooner the dog is socialized, the better.


    Rottweiler does not need special care. It is recommended to bathe a dog 1-2 times a year, comb out as you molt, that is, 2-3 times a month. Also, do not forget to brush your teeth to avoid the formation of a denture, look at your ears and eyes.

    Rottweiler: All about the breed, photo of the dog, character, price

    For teeth to brush, you can use special pastes, as well as bones from rawhide leather. The dog, gnawing them, independently gets rid of dent. Another alternative is ultrasound brushing in a veterinary clinic. It is especially effective in advanced cases.

    Unlike Dobermans, rottweilers perfectly tolerate cold temperature, so in winter they do not need special clothing. You can contain them, both on the street with an insulated booth and in the apartment. In the latter case, the dog needs to provide long walks, at least a couple of hours a day. Also, be prepared for saliva, which can remain on furniture and clothes. Due to the structure of the Rottweiler’s muzzle, it hangs on Brylya almost constantly.

    The dog should be accustomed to cleaning the ears from an early age, so that later it perceives this procedure calmly. Due to the features of the structure, sulfur often accumulates in the ears. You can get rid of it with a cotton swab, which is previously moistened with hydrogen peroxide.

    Like any large dog, Rottweiler is subject to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Follow the health of the dog’s joints, do not allow her to sleep in drafts and cold floor.

    Conditions of detention

    Rottweiler is very energetic, so he needs physical activity. Running, cycling, active classes in the fresh air what the owner of the representative of this breed should be ready for. Without proper load, the character of the dog may deteriorate, which, ultimately, will affect education and training. However, with caution, it is worth walking the dog on hot days: rottweilers do not tolerate high temperatures. The activity of the dog in the sun can give an excessive load on the heart.

    Rottweilers are famous for good appetite. The strong body and powerful muscles of the Rottweiler need a high amount of protein. But the lack of proper physical activity leads to the rapid obesity of the pet. That is why it is recommended to feed the dog only with highquality food. Follow the amount of protein in the diet of a pet, and then it will be full of energy without excessive load on the body.

    Containing a rottweiler in an apartment can be problematic only due to impressive dimensions of the dog. The best option for her is a private house with a large and fenced territory. But for this content, you need to prepare a suitable place for wintering. Despite the fact that rottweilers calmly tolerate cold, they need a spacious and insulated booth. It is not permissible to contain a dog on a chain or in a limited space.

    If you are going to contain a dog in the yard, you should pay enough attention to it. It should not be isolated from communication with the owners. If you leave the dog alone, then this can negatively affect its behavior in the future. Rotweiler alone can only at night and for a short daytime sleep.

    The content on the site allows not only to provide the dog with sufficient freedom and the ability to throw out his energy, but also realizes its potential as a watchman. The security qualities that are laid down in the breed, it is better to use. Consider the weight and dimensions of the dog when you build an aviary. It must be strong, otherwise a large dog will simply destroy it.


    Rottweiler nutrition should be of high quality and balanced. It is not recommended to feed a dog with human food and leftovers from the table. The optimal diet will be a combination of industrial dry and wet food.

    Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of balanced feeds for all breeds, including Rottweilers. It should be chosen based on the age, weight, activity of the dog and other factors. For example, for pregnant and lactating females, it is better to take food with a special mark. They are high in nutrients and vitamins.

    It is very important for a Rottweiler to follow the gram of the diet. The breed belongs to the “eternally hungry”, so the animal is easy to overfeed. Calculating the required amount of feed is quite easy, as the manufacturer always provides such information on the packaging. For example, an adult healthy dog ​​with low activity needs about 680 grams of feed per day. For dogs that lead a more active lifestyle, the weight increases by 150 grams.

    If you want to prolong the life of your pet, then choose super premium food. They are low in carbohydrates and high in animal protein. This helps keep large dogs like Rottweilers in good shape.

    Can mix dry and wet food. Better if they are from the same manufacturer. If the dog’s diet consists of high quality industrial food, then it does not need additional vitamins and supplements. All of them are already in the diet and calculated in the best way. But the water in the bowl should always be in unlimited quantities.

    Training and education

    Rottweilers are attached to all family members, but they can only consider one person as the owner. Therefore, they will mostly obey him. Therefore, it is very important to immediately establish the correct emotional connection between man and animal. The main thing in this matter is to show patience and perseverance, become an authority for the dog, as well as determine the boundaries of the permitted.

    This breed often manifests such character traits as stubbornness and independence. If you want the dog to obey you and obey you, then it is better to start practicing training as soon as the puppy gets into the house. Do not delay it, because they grow very quickly. If you miss the moment, you can get an uncontrollable dog that will be dangerous and unpredictable. Given the weight of 50 kilograms, an abundance of muscles and a bite force of 140 kg per square centimeter, it is scary to imagine the consequences of sudden outbursts of aggression.

    Teach a puppy to such simple teams as “sit”, “lie”, “voice”. Demand their implementation, but never shout, and, moreover, do not hit the animal. There should be firmness and confidence in your voice. Patience and multiple repetition of exercises will be fruit.

    By six months, the puppy should already clearly understand what he can and cannot do. Do not physically punish your dog for misbehavior. Give a strong reprimand. The Rottweiler is very sensitive to changes in the owner’s mood, so he will immediately understand that he did the wrong thing. Be sure to praise the dog for the right actions.

    Training a puppy can be carried out on the street, having previously bought a leash and a muzzle for him. Be patient, the commands will have to be repeated hundreds of times. But it is better to devote enough time to this, because the Rottweiler is almost impossible to retrain or re-educate.

    If your dog will participate in exhibitions, then pay attention to the development of service functions and skills. This will require the participation of professional dog handlers. They will train the dog according to a special program. There are no problems in the process of such training if the pet attends classes with the owner regularly.

    Rottweiler Health

    This breed may develop diseases that are associated with damage to the nervous system. For example, cases of epilepsy or encephalitis are not uncommon. The first disease is inherited. Symptoms of the disease can be stopped, although it will take a lot of time, effort and means. The dog will become a fullfledged member of your family, but for breeding it will be unsuitable.

    Other diseases common in rottweilers include:

  • allergic reactions and dermatitis;
  • Dysplasia of the joint of the elbow;
  • aortic stenosis;
  • osteosarcoma (bone cancer);
  • inversion of the stomach or intestines;
  • hypothyroidism (thyroid disease).
  • For whom rottweilers are suitable?

    Buying a puppy is a very responsible business. Especially when it comes to such a breed as Rottweiler. You must weigh everything “for” and “against” and decide whether such a dog suits you.

    This is a large and powerful dog that requires a lot of attention, time and finance. Get ready for the fact that you will have to spend money on good food or natural food that Rottweiler absorbs in large quantities.

    The owner of a Rottweiler must have a certain number of qualities. This is a stable nervous system, strong-willed character, firmness. If you indulge the whims of a dog, then a real monster will grow out of it, with which no one can cope. Worse than an ill-mannered Rottweiler, it’s hard to imagine a dog.

    The ideal owner would be someone with experience with guard dogs. It is better not to take a Rottweiler as a first dog to inexperienced and too young people.

    Unfortunately, the Rottweiler is one of those breeds of dogs that are most often given back or simply driven out into the street, as they simply cannot cope with this animal. This breed is very difficult to tolerate the betrayal of the owner. Therefore, it is better to think a hundred times before buying a Rottweiler puppy.

    Famous Rottweiler Owners

    There are many adherents of this breed among celebrities. Rottweilers are kept by:

  • Writer Sandra Darling, whose dog lives nicknamed Toby. He became her inspiration and even appeared in several children’s books in illustrations for them;
  • Famous actor Will Smith keeps four Rottweilers on his ranch. Their names are Jacqui, Tyson, Grace and Indo;
  • The famous singer Laima Vaikule had a friend named Candy. They did not part, the dog even flew with a woman on an airplane. Moreover, she took him directly to the cabin in business class;
  • Rottweilers also live with our compatriot Yuri Shatunov, as well as with the popular American actor Ben Affleck.
  • Choosing a puppy

    To purchase a quality puppy, it is better to contact well-known breeders with a good reputation. Be sure to ask if the puppy has genetic diseases. Take an interest in the fate of other puppies that were bought in this kennel. Feel free to ask for the phone numbers of their hosts. Honest breeders have nothing to hide, they often keep in touch with their “offspring” and their owners.

    Having visited the nursery, pay attention to how puppies and bitch are contained. There should be dry and clean. In animals, there are enough places for games, they do not sit in cells.

    If you purchase a Rottweiler for the first time, then breeders recommend giving preference to bitches. Their working qualities are no worse than the male, but they are less aggressive and stubborn. But the bitches well converge with other “girls” of any breeds. The problem can also be the presence of estrus, which occurs twice a year.

    When choosing a dog, pay attention to its appearance. He should look healthy, with clean eyes, strong skeleton, large paws. Feel the stomach to exclude the presence of a hernia. The wool should be smooth and brilliant.

    Even in one litter, all puppies will be different. Watch them, take your time. You will immediately notice which of them the modest “quiet”, and which are funny and fervent. It is better to choose the largest puppy who is not afraid of loud sounds. Clap your hands or throw the keys to the puppies. The most fearless will immediately go to investigate the subject. Cowardice in the character of a Rottweiler is not welcome.

    If there are more than six puppies in a litter, then the opportunity to buy an underfed animal increases. A female who has reproduced offspring must not be younger than two years or older than eight. There must be at least a year between births.

    It is better to take a puppy at the age of two to three months. Its weight during this period is from 3 to 5 kilograms. The puppy must have a metric and a veterinary passport.

    Well-known breeders and nurseries offer animals much more expensive. The price starts, on average, from 10 thousand. It all depends on how famous the puppy’s parents are, and how many titles they have. The cost of elite copies can easily reach 50-60 thousand.

    Rottweiler in one picture

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