Row poisonous (tiger) photo and description of the mushroom, how to define and distinguish

Rows of poisonous (tiger) are extremely dangerous inedible mushrooms. They are also called “poisonous talus” in another way. The toxicity of this fungus is due to the large concentration of the alkaloid muscarin. The same substance is contained in red fly agaric.


Poisonous row is represented by a hat and a leg. The size of the hat ranges in the range from 4 to 12 centimeters in diameter. There are also rather large mushrooms with a 15 centimeter hat. Young mushrooms are endowed with a spherical hat, which becomes flat with wrapped edges with the age of the mushroom. The skin covering the hat is painted in a grayish color, black and gray hats are also found. On the surface are dark scales located in a circle. The plates under the hat are located up to 12 millimeters. Differ in fleshy and painted white with a green or yellow shade.

The leg can be from 4 to 15 centimeters in height with a width of up to 3.5 centimeters. The shape of the legs is cylindrical and thickened to the base. The inside is continuous with a fibrous surface. The color is predominantly yellow, but it can have a rusty shade at the base.

White mushroom pulp on a hat and gray on the leg. With a break, the color does not change. There may be a sweet taste with a pleasant soft smell.

Territory of growth

The mushroom growth period begins in August and lasts until the end of October. Mixed or coniferous forests prefer the growth environment. However, there is a small number of these mushrooms in deciduous forests and on the edges. Poisonous rows growing in lime soils are growing. Most often, one appear one at a time, but there are witch’s circles from these mushrooms. Spread in the territory with the temperate climate of the Northern Hemisphere.


The use of a poisonous row can lead to death. After taking this fungus, a number of symptoms can occur as: nausea, sweating, cramps, dizziness and vomiting. The first symptoms can occur 15 minutes after consuming a poisonous row. Impresses this mushroom of the liver cell and stomach. At the first symptoms, it is urgent to call an ambulance. Before the arrival of doctors, it is recommended to rinse the stomach with saline or a poorly concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. It is very important to wait for an ambulance to arrive.

Similar views

The poisonous row is similar to an earthy-gray row.

Earth-gray row

The main differences are spots on the hats. In the earthy-gray row, scales on the hat have the form of strokes and are located radially. Scales of other classes are distinguished by white-silver color. Another difference is the “fleshy” of the mushroom.

Getting rid of mushrooms in areas

As a rule, poisonous rows do not grow in areas. However, there are cases when they may appear. Then the mushrooms should be cut and destroyed. Thus, possible poisoning of animals and children can be avoided. If a whole mycelium with toxic rows has developed on the site, then you should thoroughly rebuild the earth and add a special remedy for the fungus to the site. Instead of a product, you can use vinegar or boric acid.

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