Royal Borovik photo and description where it grows and how it looks like

Royal Borovik is an edible mushroom that belongs to the Bereiriboletus Belotov family and the Beliboletus family.


The hat of the young mushroom has a spherical shape. As it is aging, it becomes pillowing, and in “old age” is flattened. The skin of the royal is fibrous and tender. The diameter of the hat varies from 6 to 15 cm.

At a young age, Borovik is painted in purple, pink or red color. You can notice small light spots on the hat. The flesh of the hat is dry and dense. Yellow flesh on breaks, after some time it becomes blue.

Sporiferous layer of the boat tube. The tubes are free. Himenopher is usually yellow or green. Spore powder of swampcolored, spores have a spindleshaped shape.

The leg of the royal boletus is usually about 6 cm in diameter. The height of this part of the fungus is usually up to 15 cm. The surface is painted in a yellowish-brown color. There is a drawing in the form of a yellowish mesh on top. The pulp is painted in yellow, on the cut it also turns blue. The pulp of the legs and hats smells quite pleasant, its consistency is dense.

Where it grows

This mushroom is growing in Europe. It is found in Eurasia, namely in the pine forests of the Far East and Transbaikalia, in the Caucasus. Royal Borovik prefers sandy or limestone soils, sometimes grows in deciduous forests. The mushroom has been gathered from the beginning of summer until the beginning of autumn.

Similar views

This mushroom is difficult to confuse with others due to specific coloring. However, it looks like a closely related inedible mushroom a beautifulbearing boletus. The double is easy to distinguish on the red leg and hat of olive or brown.

Borovik is beautiful


Royal Borovik can be frying and cooking. The mushroom is also like pickling, drying, freezing.

Interesting Facts

  1. 100 g of the product contains only 34 kcal. Dried mushrooms are 10 times more high.
  2. Royal Borovik is a fastgrowing and massive mushroom. The weight of one copy is often 3 kg.
  3. The beginning of the bureau collection period coincides with the ripening of the red fly agaric.

This mushroom, like other boobs, is not found in young forests-it can only be found in forests, whose age is more than 50 years old.

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