Royal flyer photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

Royal Mukhomor (lat. Amaníta regális) is a poisonous mushroom that causes a serious violation of the nervous system, with a hallucinogenic effect. Widely spread in territories with a temperate climate. Represents the Amanite family.


Royal fly agaric is represented by a hat and a leg. The size of the hat can vary from 5 to 25 centimeters in diameter. Differs in a spherical shape and the presence of yellow-white scales on the surface. In old mushrooms, the hat is flat with a tubercle in the center. Skin coloring, yellow-brown. Bugorus has a more contrasting color. The plates are painted in white and grow to the mushroom leg. In late mushrooms they have a yellow tint.

The leg can reach a height of 6 to 25 centimeters with a thickness of about 3 centimeters. Differs in a spherical form with a thickening to the base. Tectura is fibbed with velvety white coating. A white ring with a yellowish boot is located on the leg. Old mushrooms have a foot hollow. The legs of the legs are Volva, which imperceptibly hides under the spruce needles.

The pulp of the royal fly agaric is fleshy and white. There is no obvious smell. Under the skin, the pulp is painted in a hoarse shade. The color when interacting with air does not change.

The territory of distribution

The period of fruiting in royal fly agaric begins in July, and ends in November. Prefer to grow in spruce and mixed forests. Grow in soils in small groups, but most often one by one. Widely spread on the territory of North and Central Europe. Are found in the northern regions of Eurasia.


The royal flyer consists of a large series of toxic substances, the use of which can threaten death. The first symptoms of poisoning include: pain in the abdomen, vomiting, dizziness, migraine. These signs of poisoning appear literally 30-90 minutes after the use of royal fly agaric. A little later, damage to the nervous system may occur, which causes hallucinations and convulsions. Extreme symptom loss of consciousness.

In the event of the above signs of departure, it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance team. Before the arrival of doctors, it is recommended to rinse the stomach and warm the patient with a blanket with a heating pad.

Similar views

Royal fly agaric is similar to red fly agaric. Similarity is due to external signs.

You can distinguish them by the absence of a red red shade in the color of the hat in color. Also, the leg of the royal fly agaric is characterized by the presence of yellowish scales, which the red representative does not have.

Royal fly agaric with pale staining are found. In such species, the hat has a yellow-brown tint, which is why it can be confused with a gray-pink flywheel. However, the latter is easy to identify by red pulp on the cut. Beginning mushroom pickers can easily confuse the royal fly agaric with a gray-pink fly agaric. The danger is that the gray-pink fly agaric can be eaten.

Gray-pink fly agaric

The panther fly agaric is easy to distinguish from the royal in the presence of the first white pulp under a hat without a yellowish shade. Also at the base of the legs of the panther fly agaric is not a grown cupshaped volva with a brightly lagging edge.

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