Ryukyu: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of origin: Japan
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    43–50 cm
  • The weight:
    15–20 kg
  • Age:
    12–14 years old
  • MKF breed group:
    Not recognized
  • Brief information

  • Friendly, devoted;
  • Tied to the territory;
  • A rare breed.
  • Character

    Ryukyu Inu or just Ryukyu, like most other Japanese dog breeds, is named at its habitat. Animals were known in the northern part of the island of Okinawa, as well as on the island of Yaayam in the Ryukyu archipelago.

    From the history of this breed, not so much is known. Its main purpose was to hunt a boar and a bird. Hunting instincts can be traced in its representatives and today. The Second World War practically destroyed the Ryukyu population. The case saved the breed. In the 1980s, a group of native dogs was discovered, which was genetically far from European, American, and even other Japanese breeds. The animals were involved in selection, and it was they who became the ancestors of modern Ryukyu. Today in Japan there is a society to protect and popularize this amazing breed.

    It is interesting that the claws on the paws of the ruffles allow them to climb the trees. Researchers believe that this feature appeared in them as a result of numerous tsunamis that hit the Japanese islands. The dogs had nowhere to escape but in a tall tree.

    Despite their rather intimidating appearance, the Ryukyu is a friendly and human-oriented breed. This is a devoted friend and companion who has retained a bit of aboriginality.

    Dogs of this breed are attached to the territory, which makes them good guards. In addition, they do not trust strangers and act coldly towards them.

    Ryukyu are intelligent and quick-witted when it comes to training. But they can also demonstrate autonomy and independence if they get tired of the learning process. Therefore, it is very important to find a common language with the dog, to encourage the desired behavior and not pay attention to the destructive. In no case should you yell at your pet and even more so punish him physically. This undermines the trust between the animal and its master.

    Ryukeu: Dog breed characteristics, photo, character, care and content rules

    The hunting instinct Ryukyu does not allow him to get along in the same house with birds, small rodents, and sometimes with cats. An exception may be a situation when a puppy grows surrounded by feline.

    Ryuku treats children loyally, but tolerate pranks and childish rudeness, albeit unlucky, the dog is unlikely to become. Therefore, the communication of the baby with a pet should take place under the control of adults.


    Dogs comb out short wool every two to three days during molting and once a week the rest of the time. It is also recommended to examine the teeth and ears of the pet weekly, and cut the claws as necessary.

    Conditions of detention

    Ryukeu Liberty Dog. In his homeland, he most often lives in the courtyard of a private house, in an aviary or in a free walk. So the content in the apartment will suit him only if the owner is ready to spend at least two to three hours a day on the street.

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