Salmon fish a list with photos and names | Fish of the salmon family

The only family of a squad of a salmonshaped, which is represented by salmon fish. These varieties of fish are considered the most expensive and tasty representatives of the underwater world. Since ancient times, salmon fish has been the object of hunting and sports fishing. It is actively bred in various fish farms. The family of salmonshaped the family received separate fame in cooking. Due to high demand, the capture of these fish is controlled by law. So in Kamchatka one vessel has no more than 600 tons of salmon for the entire season. And local residents should get a special ticket.


One of the most noble representatives of the type of salmon. It is differently called “queen salmon”. It differs in its mirror silver scales. The size of one fish can reach about 1.2 meters in length with a weight of up to 35 kilograms. The average life expectancy is 9 years. The largest amount of salmon is presented on the western part of the Arctic Ocean and in the north of the Atlantic Ocean.


It is considered a rare fish, the habitat of which is concentrated in the Caspian Sea and the pools of the Lena, Irtysh, Ob and Yenisei rivers. A rather large representative. Found whitewash with body length up to 1.5 meters and weighing up to 50 kilograms. On average, fish weigh no more than 10 kilograms. You can distinguish them by a spindleshaped body with a silver tint and a white belly.


The appearance of this fish is represented by a conical shape of the head with small eyes and a narrow jaw. The body is compressed and long with a maximum length up to 100 centimeters. Keta lives on the territory of the Pacific Ocean. Quite often found in Amur rivers and hunting, including Kamchatka. Lives on average from 3 to 6 years.

Pink salmon

This migration representative of the salmon family, which is endowed with an additional fin. Gorbusha differs with its white mouth and large oval spots in the back. The name “humpbacke” is due to the presence of a kind of hump on the back. Widely spread on the Asian and American coast of the Pacific Ocean. Life expectancy rarely exceeds 2 years.


Satisfied with a small fish. Not every fisherman manages to hunt her. She lives on the territory of the Pacific Ocean. In Russian latitudes, it is found in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, on Sakhalin and Kamchatka. You can distinguish it by bright silver scales and a large head with a high forehead. Received separate fame due to delicious and juicy meat.

Red salmon

You can meet this representative of the salmon family only in the Pacific basin. She is a passing fish and prefers freshwater rivers. Differs in the gray-golden color of scales, which blushes with the age of fish. This is due to the carotene, which is located in the crustaceans that feeds on the;. The body length of this fish can reach 80 centimeters.


Very attractive and overall fishing fish of the salmon family. Head and body resemble torpedo. The color of the scales is greenish-olive with a silver belly and sides. A distinctive feature is dark spots on the sides and fins. It is found on the territory between the Pacific coast of America and the Northern Japanese Islands. In Eurasia, it can be found in Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands.


Very valuable fishing fish spreading in rivers and lakes. The range of its habitat is extremely extensive and includes North Asia, America and Europe. In total there are about 40 varieties of these fish. You can distinguish them by a compressed body covered with an average scales. The average length of the fish reaches about 30 centimeters in length with weighing up to 100 grams.


Is distinguished by beauty and rarity. It can be distinguished by a large spinal fin, which has the shape of a fan. The size of the body reaches about 30 centimeters in length with a weight of not more than 5 kilograms. However, individuals are found up to half a meter of body length. The color of scales may vary depending on the habitat of the fish. Charius sets freshwater reservoirs with clean and cold water.


This representative is famous for its incredible taste, due to which it received the unspoken name “royal fish”. Fish lives on the territory of the pool of the Arctic Ocean. In its appearance, it is represented by a narrow body with silver-green scales. The size of the fish reaches 60 centimeters long with a weight of up to 3 kilograms.

Other salmon fish


This fish is notable for its ability to change the color depending on the environment and age. Most often it is found in rivers and lakes. For this reason, three varieties of lifers are distinguished: streaming, lake and lake-bed. The lack of scales unites these fish. In its size, the flooring room can reach 80 centimeters of body length and about 16 kilograms of weight.


The inhabitant of the Siberian rivers. It is also found in China, Korea, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. A large population is located in Lake Baikal. A characteristic feature of fish is a torpedo-shaped body with small scales, painted with dark green in the back and silver color on the sides. The maximum size is 80 centimeters in length with a weight of up to 8 kilograms. Life expectancy 14 years.


The fish inhabited almost all Siberian rivers, and also found in the pool of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Amur River. The timena differs its impressive size. There are fish with a body length up to 1 meter and weighing about 60 kilograms. Locals of Siberia call tiemen red pike, since before spawning, fish change their color from gray to red.


The external features of Nelma are represented by large silver scales and small caviar. The back is painted gray. Most often, individuals weigh no more than 10 kilograms. However, Nelma was recorded with a body size of about 1.5 meters in length and weighing 50 kilograms. You can meet this fish on the territory of the cold mouths of the Ob, Yenisei, Lena and Irtysh rivers. Small populations are found along the coastal lines of the northern seas.


One of the most common fish of the salmon family. Highlight a wide variety of trout types that differ in habitat and external signs. There is a fish in deep streams with clean water, as well as in rivers and lakes. Trout population is reduced due to the widespread pollution of water bodies. Trout quickly dies in dirty water.


Very ancient and large fish. It is found exclusively on the territory of Armenian Lake Sevan. Sevan trout call it differently. It is considered the national treasure of Armenia and is listed in the Red Book. About 4 different types of this fish are distinguished in total, differing among themselves with the color of meat and size.


Fish spread on the territory of the Baltic Sea. It is also found in the Gulf of Finland. Differs from other representatives of the family with the number of transverse scales and the shape of gill stamens. The color of scales is mainly brown with a silver tint. There are spots of red and black on the body. Highlight several varieties that differ in size.

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