Scaly row photo and description of the mushroom, edible or not

Skishaped row (Tricholoma Imbricatum) is quite common, found in the forests everywhere, but not popular in mushroom pickers. It is also called a sweetheart. Has false doubles that are a health hazard. It has a velvety brownish hat located on a rough leg, which will significantly produce a mushroom among the rest. In nature, there are more than a hundred different types of rowers, including edible and inedible representatives. Going to the forest, you should thoroughly study the characteristic features of each type.

How it looks

The hat of dark brown with pale edges reaches a diameter of 4 to 10 cm. The young mushroom has a rounded hat, the edges are turned up.

Mature mushroom is characterized by a tubercle in the central part of the hat. The color of the spore powder is predominantly white.

The pulp is darkened, at the foot, the consistency is dense, fleshy. There is practically no smell, it has a migrant, weakly bitter taste. A leg up to 10 cm long, up to 2.5 cm thick, the shape of the cylinder, taps and can bend to the bottom. There are small scales on the leg, there is a powdery plaque under the hat, over time it becomes hollow, white, grayish shade.

The plate is wide, rare, at first white, over time turns yellow or gray.

How fruiting the mushroom

Grows in a moderate climate of a mixed or coniferous forest. Selects solar edges, edges, settles near paths and roads, grows in a large group. It is collected mainly from the beginning of summer to midautumn. Maximum yield is observed in September.

If it is warm and sunny weather, then I begin to harvest the first crop from the beginning of August.

It is impossible to collect a mushroom in the industrial zone, a roadside area, an abandoned mine, a landfill, places where chemical and agricultural waste is disposed of.

Who looks like

The closest relative of the row-a row of yellow-brown.

A row of yellow-brown

Based on the name, it has a brown color and a very similar appearance. However, there are a number of differences near.

Rowsizedfledged more fleshy, unlike other views, similar to it. Brown, white and leopard rowns are attributed to poisonous mushrooms with a pungent odor. With a wide variety of species, it is quite difficult to determine the nonappropriate representative in the clearing.

Benefits and harm

The mushroom belongs to the class of edible. However, in view of the fact that quite a little has been studied, it is sometimes attributed to the class of mushrooms of inedible.

The main benefit

  • It is widely used for medical purposes in the production of antibiotics.
  • Helps with mental stress. A row enriches blood with oxygen.
  • The mushroom is useful and patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus.
  • Helps to improve digestion, increase immunity, relieves stress.
  • The row contains a large number of vitamins of group A, B, also oxidants.
  • Active substances contained in it have a powerful effect in the treatment of tuberculosis, diabetes, liver and kidneys.
  • A large number of enzymes that are part of enzymes increases the resistance of the body to infectious diseases, and helps to remove toxins.
  • Rowers are a valuable food product similar in utility with meat products, which makes them attractive in vegetarian nutrition.
  • In folk medical, they are used for the preparation of tinctures, ointments, talkers that help relieve inflammatory skin diseases.

    How to process and cook

    The collected mushrooms must be sorted, remove all the garbage, rinse and boil up to 30 minutes. The resulting water must be drained. After heat treatment, the row is ready for use.

    1. A row is boiled, stewed, fried, salt and pickled.
    2. Great for winter blanks, but it is not popular among mushroom pickers for the following reasons:
    3. It is difficult to take away from a large number of similar species.
    4. The gathering place should be environmentally friendly, Mushrooms accumulate harmful substances from the soil.

    Interesting information

    The mushroom hat will not get wet and will remain dry, even when it rains. The biologically active substances contained in the row, according to scientists, can be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

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