Scaly umbrella photo and description of the mushroom, how look and where it grows

Scales umbrella (lat. Lepiota Brunneoincarnata) is a mushroom from the champignon family, belongs to the genus of Lepiot and is a deadly poisonous fungus. It has a huge number of toxins, a large accumulation of cyanids, which is why delay with treatment can bring to death. This conclusion is unanimously coming to all microgen scientists and other experts. It is strictly forbidden to eat this mushroom, because life is more expensive than the desire to try something unknown. In addition, he is quite similar to edible brothers, so before going to the forest, always study in detail what can fall in the way in it.


At a young age, the hat has a hemispherical shape, but over time it straightens and becomes almost flat. In some cases, it retains bulges in the center, but the ends bend upward. The diameter of the hat is quite modest and rarely exceeds five to six centimeters. The color is motley, which is facilitated by a large number of scales, mainly cream shades. The leg has a cylindrical shape and the same modest size, does not change from below or at the top, which already allows you to distinguish this poisonous mushroom from its counterparts. And from the main differences it is worth highlighting the growth in the form of a ring, which conditionally divides the leg into two parts, growing in the center. The pulp is dense to the touch, in the section no diffusion occurs. At a young age, it has a light fruit aroma, but with the advent of old age it becomes more like bitter almonds, which is facilitated by a large number of cyanides inside.

Where it grows

The only thing that saves people from danger is the habitat is precisely. The scaly umbrella is considered a rather rare fungus, so to meet it and by mistake to eat it will be quite problematic. He was not met on the territory of Eurasia, since he loves a warm climate. But it is likely that some copies can be found in Krasnodar, Rostov and other southern cities. Several times representatives of this species were met in Ukraine, Western countries of Europe and Asia. They are not growing in the forests, like ordinary ones, but among herbs in the park, for example.


Due to the abundant amount of cyanides, this mushroom with a great chance leads to death. In case of any symptoms of poisoning, you need to go to the hospital, rinse the stomach and you can start taking antibiotics. The scaly umbrella is very similar to its edible counterparts, so do not take risks. The first symptoms of poisoning appear quite quickly, for half an hour, so after their detection you need to immediately go to the doctor. Even a pair of bites is enough for cyanides to kill a person. In addition, even if you just begin to inhale his pores, the risk of poisoning is very great, and death occurs a couple of hours after the manifestation of symptoms.

Similar views

The scaly umbrella is quite similar to the Bredisson umbrella and the shield, but there are several differences: the hat of the poisonous mushroom is covered with scales, which is its name. She is much more rough than other species. Bredisson’s umbrella is also poisonous, but at the same time it can be found much less often, and his color is completely white, which already speaks of danger in most cases.

Lepiot Bredisson

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