Schishkogrib Clatineol from the Red Book Description and photo

Chashkogrib Clatineous is considered a conditionally edible mushroom. This is due to the fact that it is not poisonous, but the legs of old individuals are poorly digested in the human body. Germany is completely considered inedible, and in other countries of Europe lowgrade and poorquality.

Such a mushroom can germinate along all the length of the northern hemisphere. Most often found in mixed forests. Preferred is acidic soil or soil hilly area.

Schishkogrib Clatineol from the Red Book Description and photo

Such mushrooms can be detected in the summer and autumn period of the year. If it settles in the lowland, then it is often found under oaks, in more elevated areas it forms near fir trees and fir.

The reasons for the disappearance

The limiting and factors are:

Schishkogrib Clatineol from the Red Book Description and photo
  • polluted atmosphere;
  • regular forest fires;
  • frequent deforestation;
  • soil compaction;
  • Industry development.
  • General characteristics

    Clopeneric cones has a specific appearance. It is characterized by:

  • A hat with a convex shape, which makes the pine cone outwardly resembles. In diameter, it can reach 12 centimeters. In color can be light brown or black-brown. Its surface is coated with numerous scales;
  • leg based on the name of the mushroom, it becomes clear that it is dotted with small flakes having a bluish tint. It is strong, and its height is from 7 to 15 centimeters, and the diameter varies from 10 to 30 millimeters. Its color is no different from the color of the hat;
  • The pulp is a whitish shade, and with the slightest damage it becomes reddish, and later black or dark purple. Taste and pulp are characteristic of the mushroom and pleasant;
  • Hemenofor has the form of tubes, the length of which is approximately 15 millimeters, while they often spread to the leg. First, he is a whitish shade, covered with a light blanket, later acquires a brownish color. With physical exposure, the tubes blacken.
  • The described mushroom has not only unique external properties, but also a microscopic structure. In particular, we are talking about disputes-they can be black-brown or purple-brownish. Their shape is spherical, and on the surface there is a pattern.

    The chishkogrib does not have a special nutritional value does not possess. Due to his rare prevalence and weak taste, he did not find his application either in cooking, nor in medicine, or in any other areas of human activity.

    Schishkogrib Clatineol from the Red Book Description and photo
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