Scottish Straight: Description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and content petstory


  • Country of origin: Scotland
  • Type of wool:
    Shorthaired, longhaired
  • Growth:
    up to 30 cm
  • The weight:
    3.5–5 kg
  • Age:
    13-15 years
  • Brief information

  • Appear in the same litter with a Scottish Visloukh (Scottish Fold);
  • Kittens are born with bent ears that are straightened after a month;
  • The character is balanced and calm.
  • Character

    The closest relative of Scottish Strayte Scottish Fold. Rocks differ only with ears: the latter are bent. Interestingly, the need to separate the breed with straight ears appeared in the 2000s.

    The fact is that it is strictly forbidden to knit two lop-eared cats: kittens are born unviable, with serious malformations. Therefore, in mating Scottish cats, one parent must have straight ears. Then half of the fold kittens are obtained in the litter folds, and half straights, with straight ears. By the way, TICA allows mating Scottish Straights with American Shorthair and British Shorthair.

    Scottish cats are intelligent, calm and balanced. They can even be a little lazy in this they are similar to their British counterparts. However, the Scottish Straight is not a sofa cat. She is active and inquisitive, and these traits are especially pronounced in childhood.

    Scottish straight cats are independent and persistent in achieving their goal. Pets of this breed will not sit on their hands for hours. Scottish Straights, although they love to be in the company of people, still keep a little aloof, always maintaining their personal space. Sometimes they can even seem too capricious.

    Representatives of the breed are distinguished by innate intelligence and aristocracy. They will not run headlong around the apartment in search of adventure. Straights above such fun. However, the pet will never refuse to play and have fun.

    Scottish Straight: description of the cat breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and maintenance – Petstory

    Scottish Straight can stay alone at home loneliness is not a problem for cats of this breed. But still, you can’t leave your pet for a long time: toys are not able to replace the owner’s love and affection for him.

    Representatives of the breed get along well with children of school age. Animals are patient and good-natured, so the games will not resemble military operations. But dogs can be a problem. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the straight. Some turn out to be real selfish: they are not ready to tolerate the presence of a neighbor.


    Scottish Straight has a thick coat. To keep her beauty, the cat should be combed every week with a special massage brush. You can also bathe your pet, but not more than once every three months. In any case, it is recommended to accustom him to water from childhood.

    Particular attention in care should be paid to the eyes and teeth of the cat.

    Conditions of detention

    Scottish Straight respects house rules and demands respect. This is mainly about privacy. So it is advisable to buy a pet house where he could relax.

    Cats of this breed, with malnutrition, quickly gain excess weight. The owner of the Scottish Straight should carefully select food for his pet, paying attention to the composition and quality of the diet.

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