Sea animals with photos and names list, description for children and adults

Marine animals are divided into 2 main categories: vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates have backbones, invertebrates do not.

Oceanologists distinguish the main classes of marine animals, known as types:

  • jellyfish and polyps;
  • arthropods;
  • shellfish;
  • annelids;
  • chordates;
  • echinoderms.
  • All vertebrates are chordates, including: whales, sharks and dolphins, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Although there are millions of chordates in the seas, there are not as many vertebrates as there are invertebrates.

    There are 17 main groups of invertebrates that live in the sea, for example: crustaceans, hemichordates and others.

    giant shark

    largemouth shark

    White shark

    Tiger shark

    bull shark


    cat shark

    pygmy shark

    freshwater shark

    blacknose shark

    whitetip shark

    darktip shark

    lemon shark

    reef shark

    Shark Chinese striped

    Mustachioed dog shark

    harlequin shark

    frilled shark

    Wobbegong shark

    Other marine animals

    brownie shark

    mako shark

    fox shark

    Hammerhead shark

    silky shark

    Atlantic herring

    Bahamian sawnose shark

    Blue whale

    bowhead whale

    gray whale

    Humpback whale (Humpback)

    fin whale

    Seiwal (Saidyanoy (ivas) whale)

    minke whale

    southern whale

    Sperm whale

    pygmy sperm whale

    Beluga whale

    Narwhal (Unicorn)

    Plavun northern

    Highbrow bottlenose

    moray eel

    bottlenose dolphin

    motley dolphin


    gray dolphin

    killer whale


    long-beaked dolphins

    large-toothed dolphins

    Ross seal

    Sea leopard

    Sea Elephant

    sea ​​hare

    pacific walrus

    Atlantic walrus

    Laptev walrus

    Sea lion





    spider crab


    spiny lobster

    Sea Horse



    Sea turtle

    Ringed emidocephalus



    Rare marine animals reptiles. While most reptiles live on land or spend time in fresh water, there are species that live in the oceans. The most famous of them are sea turtles. They live for many years, grow large. In the ocean, adult turtles have no enemies and dive deep to find food or avoid danger. Sea snakes are another type of reptile that lives in salt water.

    Marine animals are an important food source for humans. People get food at sea individually and on large sea vessels, seafood is tasty, healthy and cheaper than the meat of warm-blooded animals.

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