Sea birds names and photos, species of family. Seeing and flying sea birds

There are species of birds that live near the ocean, eating fish and other sea inhabitants. Among them there are representatives of the family of frigate and cormorants, albatrosses and inferiority, rye and seagulls. Someone prefers to pursue their victims, and someone to dive, flying up from high rocks. For such purposes, birds have waterproof feathers and legs with membranes, helping to grab skip prey. Usually they like to make long flights, despite the fact that there are always a lot of food in their native lands.


Great frigate

Voznesensky or eagle frigate

Christmas frigate

Frigate Ariel


Amsterdam Albatros

Royal Albatros

The wandering albatross

Tristan Albatros


Antarctic blueeyed cormorant

Eared cormorant


Bering Cormlan

Redfaced cormorant

Bigenville Kormlan

Indian cormorant

Japanese or Ussurian bmp

CHOCHENT BACLENT or longnosed cormorant


Small cormorant

New Zealand Kormlan

Whitebreasted cormorant

Small motley cormorant

Galapagos illegal cormorant


Brown Olusha

Redore Olusha

Bluefacing Olush

Bluebearing Olush

North Olusha


Northern giant petrel

Southern giant petrel

Antarctic Petrel

Kapsky dove (Kapsky Petrel)

Snow Petrel

Blue Petrel

Small or ordinary petrel

Subure beurestone

Large variegated petrel

Gray Petrel

Ordinary fools


Winging Gagar

Arctic Gagar

Smiling Kaira


Atlantic impasse


Sea prince

Ussuri Zuke

Small Zuke

Shouting snake

Yellowlegged pruex

Threelane pruek

Redshaped snake

Mongolian Zuke

Caspian Zuke

Bolshkolyuvyera (thickcircuited prueks)


Royal Penguin


Eastern Klisha (Haley)

Atlantic ordinary Moevka

Pacific ordinary Moevka

Redbearing Moevka or Rednogy Gallery

River Krachka


South American Krachka

Antarctic Krachka

Small Krachka

Planting Krachka

Bengal Krachka

Blacktailed seagull

Sitting a seagull 

Seagull Oduen

California Seagull

Sea gull

Dominican Seagull

Swery Seagull

Western seagull

Polar or Icelandic gull

Seagull Tayer

Mediterranean Seagull

Laughter or steppe gull

Armenian or Sevan silver gull

Blackheaded laughter

Brownheaded seagull

Australian Seagull

Rednorty seagull

Lake or ordinary (river) seagull

Sea pigeon

Blackheaded seagull

Relict Seagull

Small Seagull


Longtailed shimmer

Shorttailed shimmer 

Middle Pimin

South Polar Pomornik

Antarctic shimnik

Big shimnik


Gaga gag (Fisherova Gaga)



Australian Pelican

Curly pelican

American brown pelican

American white pelican 


Sea birds are amazing creatures who have learned to hunt and dive wonderful to get food. Usually they live in colonies and prefer to create nests in the same places annually. Some do this on earth while others are looking for a suitable rock or hole. The latter option is less dangerous, because predators will not be able to get to coastal rocks and offspring will be safe. Patuns are ready for a lot for the sake of family and cubs some species, such as albatros, fall to the ground only for reproduction.

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