Sealyham Terrier all about the dog breed: description, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of Origin: UK
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    25–30 cm
  • The weight:
    8–10 kg
  • Age:
    up to 15 years
  • FCI breed group:
  • Brief information

  • Typically, Sealyham Terriers love agility and are easy to train;
  • These are friendly dogs, they quickly become attached to children and love to play with them. The main thing is that the kids do not pull the dog by the beard;
  • These dogs have thick coats that need to be brushed regularly.
  • Character

    The Sealyham Terrier is a Good Companion for an Elderly Man. This is a homebody dog ​​that is ready to sit with the owner near the fireplace. This mischievous pet will be a true friend, happy to follow the owner on the heels. Sealyham treats strangers with healthy alertness, without aggression.

    A dog of this breed is also suitable for a family with children. Adults should explain to kids in advance that the friendly disposition of a pet does not mean at all that a dog can be tested for endurance.

    Breeders appreciate this breed for its equanimity and ability to find a common language with animals of other species.

    At the same time, Sealyham can be somewhat capricious. This should be taken into account when training: the training course must be made interesting, built on games. Sealyham can hardly stand the routine, and the puppy will follow the commands, delighting the owner with elements of improvisation and a creative approach to learning. This character trait is successfully offset by Sealyham’s curiosity. The dog has a lively and curious mind, it is very smart and therefore usually easily trainable.

    The waywardness of Sealyham encourages experienced breeders to accustom puppies to a comb and brush quite early. The dog should calmly accept the procedures for hair care. The same applies to communication with people in general. Sealyhams growl and fight early. In seclusion they can grow wild. They need to be hand trained.


    The Sealyham Terrier needs to be cared for just like most dogs. Particular attention should be paid to wool. First, the chic thick coat should be thoroughly brushed twice a week. And secondly, every few months the dog needs to do trimming a procedure for plucking out dead hairs. They themselves do not fall out and can cause trouble: the dog will become overgrown with tangles, and the coat will not be updated well.

    It is better to carry out trimming in spring and autumn, then in winter frosts the pet will be with a new fur coat. If trimming is carried out in winter, then it is better to put Sealyham in overalls when going for a walk. The first time the new coat will be short.

    Sealyham is bathed as needed, but the beard will have to be rinsed every time after eating. Otherwise, it will become a habitat for bacteria.

    Conditions of detention

    The Sealyham Terrier is perfect for working people two walks a day are enough for him. And this means that the owner will be free from the serious physical exertion that dogs of some hunting breeds require.

    Sealyham’s compactness allows it to live comfortably in small apartments.

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