Seedlings: how to buy a really good fruit tree?

Growing fruit trees is not only an interesting, but also a delicious activity. This is especially true when the time of gathering the first crop comes. The variety and health of the tree itself, which depends on the seedling, has the effect on the quality of the fruits, their taste and health. It is for this reason that special attention should be paid to the process of choosing planting material. Specialists in this case give several recommendations.

Councils for choosing seedlings

In order for the purchase to be successful, and the fruits in the end are abundant and tasty, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Buy seedlings should be in a proven nursery or garden center. You should not avoid those who send seedlings by delivery, and accept orders via the Internet (many nurseries work in this format). But then from the markets and offers in the transitions you should still refuse.
  2. Any planting material should have a certificate. If there are no documents for the seedling, choose another place to purchase a tree.
  3. The certificate should pay attention to the manufacturer. England, Holland, Poland or Germany are bad options, Such seedlings do not take root well in the climatic conditions of Belarus.
  4. It is also worth evaluating the external state of planting material. The bark should be even and smooth. If there are damage, cracks, etc.P., most likely the tree will not take root. And if he can survive, it will be very sick. The situation is approximately the same in the case of the roots: healthy roots should be whole, powerful, with numerous small roots.
  5. It is not recommended to purchase seedlings aged two years or more. They look beautiful: tall, stately, strong. But such trees take root very badly: it is highly likely that the seedling will disappear.

If you choose a seedling, given the points listed above, it will be possible to purchase a highquality planting material, the problems with the cultivation of which will definitely not be. There is no experience of growing seek assistance to specialists. They will help you collect the baggage of initial knowledge.

It should also be borne in mind that buying a seedling in a nursery or garden center will cost more than, for example, in the market, at a private trader or in the transition. But in this case, it is better not to save, Due to low-quality material, money can simply be thrown to the wind: the tree will not take root and die. You can find highquality seedlings on the ABEKker

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