Seychelles cat: description of the breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and maintenance – Petstory


  • Country of Origin: UK
  • Wool type:
  • Growth:
    25–30 cm
  • The weight:
    2–4 kg
  • Age:
    up to 15 years
  • Brief information

  • Affectionate, playful and very cheerful breed;
  • Powerful and persistent;
  • Sociable and a little obsessive.
  • Character

    For a long time, cats of unusual appearance lived in the Seychelles. Unfortunately, now they can only be seen in books on the history of the region, but they significantly influenced the emergence of a new breed of cats, although they are not directly related to it. In the 1980s, Briton Patricia Turner saw an image of an ancient cat with an interesting pattern on its head. The breeder decided to recreate the drawing she liked on cats of her favorite breed Orientals. To do this, she began a program of crossing bicolor Persians with Siamese and Oriental cats. As a result, she got a breed different from them, which was called the Seychellois.

    The Seychelles cat looks like its ancestors and differs from them only in color and pattern. She is just as graceful, but at the same time strong and athletic. Seychelians meet white with brown spots on the paws and muzzle, the number of which varies. Like the Orientals, they have infinitely expressive large eyes, by which you can always understand what the pet feels. According to the breed standard, they should be blue.

    Representatives of this breed are created for life with a person. Cat independence and arrogance is not about them at all. Seychelles love to spend time with family members, attention and affection are important to them. They are quite active and playful. Together, these qualities make them ideal companions for children, and besides, the Seychelles are not aggressive.

    Seychelles cat: description of the breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and maintenance – Petstory

    At the same time, they are quite “loud”, unlike many other breeds. Like the notorious huskies, they often talk, can ask for food and express their displeasure.

    The Seychelles cat has an excellent memory, she quickly remembers people and their attitude towards herself. If guests show their love for the pet, then on the next visit she will caress and allow herself to be touched. If someone offends a cat, then she will take revenge at the first opportunity. Seychelles do not tolerate loneliness, so they are not suitable for busy people who do not have the opportunity to devote most of their free time to an animal. In addition, these cats do not favor other pets, they are prone to dominance and do not get along well with neighbors.


    Seychelles cats have short hair without undercoat, so they do not require complex care. Bathe them rarely, no more than twice a year. If the cat goes for walks, then she should wipe her paws with a wet towel every time.

    Check your pet’s eyes daily to avoid infection. During molting, which takes place on average twice a year, it is better to comb the cat, otherwise the wool, albeit in small quantities, will spread throughout the apartment. In normal times, the Seychelles’ coat does not need special care, but they still need to be combed at least twice a week, since this procedure is perceived by them as a manifestation of the attention and care that these cats need so much.

    Seychelles cat: description of the breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and maintenance – Petstory

    Like other animals, the Seychellois should be shown to a veterinarian. It can prevent the occurrence of problems with the teeth and the cardiovascular system, which representatives of this breed are prone to.

    Conditions of detention

    Seychelles are very playful and active cats. For this reason, it is necessary to provide them with enough space in the apartment. If in the house it is possible to build a place for climbing, then the living conditions of the cat will become extremely comfortable. Cats of this breed can be walked in good weather, the main thing is to remember that this should be done only on a leash.

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