Shepherdies a list with photos and names of the detachment and family of shepherds

Quite numerous birds of birds that can differ significantly in size and coloring. Shepherds prefer to settle near small reservoirs with a slow course or in swampy areas. Representatives of this family nest in the thickets of reeds or reeds, which gives a certain protection against natural enemies. Thanks to their strong paws with widearranged fingers, shepherds can quickly run around the swampy area. Birds feed on small fish, crustaceans and invertebrates. Representatives of this family are quite rarely flying and I prefer to lead a night lifestyle.

Water shepherd

Striped shepherd

Forest shepherd


Greenlegged reeds



Whitewinged bast

Giant baldness

Other birds of the shepherd

Charp bald

Small trace

Ordinary chases


Redbearing trace


Malaya Sultanka

Bronze Sultanka




Pastushkovs can be found in many areas of Eurasia, which have enough suitable reservoirs. These birds tolerate climate changes well and can nest in almost any conditions. They rarely leave the thickets of reed plants, warning relatives about the approach of the predator with loud sounds. Shepherdies are very noisy birds, which is quite strange, because they prefer to rarely appear to their eyes and rather shy. Almost a dozen species of these birds live in Eurasia and they are represented in a fairly large number.

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