Ship pollution of the environment | Types of pollution from ships

One of the main sources that have a serious impact on the waters of the world’s oceans is the navy. Ships use heavy fuel which contains many types of heavy and hazardous metals. Domestic, bilge and waste waters are removed overboard, which have a negative impact on the environment. Pollution by ships is carried out by sea and river modes of transport, which emit waste generated in the course of operational activities and emissions that enter the water during accidents of toxic cargo.

Gas emissions into the atmosphere

The most dangerous element that enters the water and provokes the formation of sulfuric acid is sulfuric gas. As a result, there is a violation of the ecological balance and enormous harm is done to the environment. In addition, gas-fired ships release soot, dust, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

In this regard, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly fuels, namely: natural gas and hydrogen. This will minimize the ingress of harmful substances into the water and the atmosphere.

Measures aimed at reducing environmental pollution by ships

Studies show that there are a lot of negative factors affecting the environment and it is almost impossible to get rid of their impact. Therefore, a set of measures was created to help minimize their impact, namely:

  • use of environmentally friendly fuels;
  • introduction of an electronically controlled fuel injection system that will help optimize the workflow;
  • regulation of fuel supply and gas distribution phases;
  • equipment of utilized boilers with a special temperature control system in various elements of the mechanism (boiler cavity, soot blowing, fire extinguishing);
  • each sea and river mode of transport must have technical means to control the quality of exhaust gases that enter the atmosphere;
  • refusal to use substances containing nitrogen on ships;
  • a thorough analysis of the functioning of stuffing box and flange connections;
  • operation of diesel generators with variable speed.
  • By following these recommendations, the emission of harmful substances will be significantly reduced, which will reduce environmental pollution from ships.

    Reduced gas emissions

    There are several ways by which you can reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere: absorption, the method of oxidizing combustible carbonaceous harmful substances, catalytic and sorption-catalytic. Each of them is aimed at cleansing air masses and water space. The essence of the methods is to extract harmful chemicals, due to one of the techniques used. This process occurs by heating or supplying gas to the burner, desorption due to heating with water vapor, the use of solid catalysts and purification of substances at lower temperatures.

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