Siamese crocodile photo and description, appearance where it lives and what it eats

Siamese individuals are quite overall representatives of crocodiles.


Body size is able to reach 4 meters in length with a weight of up to 350 kilograms. The body has the usual shape characteristic of other species, and the head is located horizontally to the body. The body is covered with a strong carapace ending a strong tail. Front limbs with five fingers, and four fingers with membranes are located on the hind limbs. The eyes are nearby and allow the Siamese crocodile to clearly see the image of the object with two eyes at once. The muzzle is wide with the nostrils located at the end, helping to breathe even at the depths. In the mouth is from 64 to 66 teeth. The main color of the body is yellowish with dark stripes.


The historical habitat of this representative was in Siam, for which the discoverers gave the name “Siamese”. Until a certain point, representatives of Siamese crocodiles extended throughout Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia Islands, also met in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. However, now the population of the type of Siamese crocodile has remained developed only in Cambodia.

As a habitat, reptiles are inhabited by freshwater swamps, rivers and lakes with strong vegetation. Some species live in brackish reservoirs.


During the hunt, Siamese crocodiles are waiting for their victims while in the water. Thus, the Siamese crocodile can be very invisible, showing only the eyes and the tip of the muzzle on the surface. Animals that do not notice him become sudden victims of the Siamese crocodile.

The main diet of these representatives consists of fish and amphibians. Can eat reptiles and small mammals. Cases of attacks on a person were not registered.

Behavior and reproduction

Siamese crocodiles are mainly territorial reptiles that defend the selected territory with loud blows over the surface of the water and a characteristic jaw click. Dominative representatives prefer to master the territory on the surface of the water, the rest may swim below. During drought, crocodiles massively accumulate near the remaining swamps and rivers.

The wedding season of Siamese crocodiles begins in April. During this period, the female independently organizes the nest in the form of a heap of the embankment, where he then lays from 20 to 50 eggs. The ripening period lasts up to 80 days. The female protects the nest until the hatching of small crocodiles is hatched. The coming crocodiles call her mother to transfer them to the water. Small Siamese crocodiles are sexually mature to 10 years of life.

Population and status of the species

The main reason for the reduction of the population is the use of lands and swamps in agricultural needs. At the moment, the Siamese crocodile is an extremely rare look that has been an serious extent extinction. Since 1992 it was believed that in the nature of these representatives you will not meet. However, a little later, scientists discovered about 200 types of individuals in Thailand. The entire population of these representatives is estimated at 4000 individuals. As a particularly protected look, the Siamese crocodile was listed in the international red book in the category of dying out.

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